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4 reviews Deals!

Party Travel
Travel agency

Location: Beograd, Stari grad, Terazije, Srbija, Čumićeva 2 Phone: 011 323 5XXX - Show number
Description: Party Travel travel agency specializing in the preparation, organization and conduct of tours youth and all those who feel like the exclusive destinations that guarantee fun and enjoy the charms of such a journey entails. Our desire is to čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Party Travel: Jovana Nikolić

"Prošle godine sam išla u Veneciju sa vama fenomenalno sam se provela i ove godine idem opet samo u vreme karnevala!!!! Jedva ceka karneval u Veneciji!!!!!!Veliki ..."

0 review

Grolit rad

Location: Beograd, Čukarica, Ostružnica, Srbija, 7. jul 19 Phone: 011 807 0XXX - Show number
Description: Grolit-rad Ltd. was founded in 1991. year. The company deals with all types of construction - rough construction, and civil engineering works... in recent six years the emphasis has been placed on the gas station. Grolit-rad has its own machinery čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Grolit rad: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review Deals!

Location: Beograd, Zvezdara, Mirijevo, Srbija, Samjuela Beketa 26/20 Phone: 011 742 3XXX - Show number
Description: Pored uobičajenih prevoda dokumenata, poslovnih ugovora i medicinskih dokumenata, brzi i verni prevodi garantovani su i iz različitih stručnih oblasti. Cene prevoda i overe dokumenata: • cena prevoda za sledeći dan - 700 dinara čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Dubravka Trmčić sudski prevodilac za engleski i francuski jezik: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Radio Krupanj 94,7 MHz
Media - TV, Radio, Newspapers

Location: Krupanj, Srbija, Žikice Jovanovića bb Phone: 015 582 XXX - Show number
Description: Krupanj radio, radio station from Krupanj where folk music is broadcast. We want to enjoy real local music. Always with you, and with you Krupanj radio voice! čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Radio Krupanj 94,7 MHz: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Plastics and plastic products

Location: Beograd, Palilula, Karaburma, Srbija, Dragoslava Srejovića 63b Phone: 011 277 2XXX - Show number
Description: Ivlajn Company was founded in 1992. and since then, the main activity was to sell it back plastic, plastic recycling and manufacturing of plastic items. Ivlajn purchase station and store plastic is in Belgrade, while the Recycling Center čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Ivlajn: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Machines and tools

Location: Beograd, Palilula, Srbija, Bulevar despota Stefana 118/17 Phone: 011 275 1XXX - Show number
Description: TASK Ltd. company there since 1984. year. She began working as a carpet service to rapidly expand business in a professional hygiene. Today the company combines Task service to offer a complete range of equipment for maintaining hygiene čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Task: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Location: Beograd, Voždovac, Srbija, Kumodraška 235 Phone: 011 440 7XXX - Show number
Description: IT Engineering is a private engineering firm that: • modernization of electrical mining machinery in open pits. • design and integration of the control equipment for regulated motor drives for new mining machinery and • čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za It inženjering: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Radio 016
Media - TV, Radio, Newspapers

Location: Leskovac, Srbija, Vojvode Mišića 2 Phone: 016 244 XXX - Show number
Description: Radio 016 to 101.5 MHz The first private radio station in the south of Serbia and among the first in the whole of Serbia. From way back in 1993. at 016 Radio waves are transmitted continuously only fun local music and foreign music (with a focus čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Radio 016: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review Deals!


Location: Kragujevac, Srbija, Industrijska bb Phone: 034 301 XXX - Show number
Description: "Sena" Ltd. is a manufacturing, trading and services, whose main activity is the production of refrigeration systems, sub-systems and cold rooms. The company exists and works since 1999. was. Owner and Managing Director of the čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Sena: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Location: Beograd, Savski venac, Srbija, Vase Pelagića 30 Phone: 011 369 9XXX - Show number
Description: Mikro Kontrol company was founded in year 1996. Engineering and services in Power and Industrial Automation are our main field of work. During its existence, the company has acquired a number of references in a variety of industries: mining, čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Mikro Kontrol: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Monter - emit
Home Appliances

Location: Beograd, Voždovac, Srbija, Mitrovdanska 25 Phone: 011 396 0XXX - Show number
Description: Company Monter-emit Ltd. Belgrade was founded on 02.11.1992 ., as a private company. Since its foundation, all the time successfully. We have completed a number of jobs on significant buildings and become a respectable company in the market čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Monter - emit: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Agro Line
Machines and tools

Location: Golubinci, Srbija, Đurđevska 123 Phone: 022 382 XXX - Show number
Description: Agro Line for many years successfully engaged in the production and trade all types of chains for industry and agriculture, ready-made assembly of elements in chains. Agro Line is a national distributor of Renold, which is one of the largest čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Agro Line: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review

Location: Čačak, Srbija, Bulevar oslobođenja 17 Phone: 032 379 XXX - Show number
Description: DOCA SHOP: BELGRADE - Terazije 29 BELGRADE - OUTLET - Jurija Gagarina 151, TC PIRAMIDA, lokal 52 NOVI SAD - Sutjeska 2, TC SPENS, lokal 85 SMEDEREVO - Radosava Mirkovića 10, TC VELUR, lokal 20 KRALJEVO - Miloša Velikog 2 KOSOVSKA MITROVICA čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for DOCA Bags & Accessories: Jelena J

"Hvala vam za originalne i kvalitetne tašne! nova kolekcija za 2014. godinu vam je fenomenalna. "

0 review

Medical equipment

Location: Kragujevac, Srbija, Kumanovska 8 Phone: 034 330 XXX - Show number
Description: PRIZMA was founded in 1990. as a private company. Our business includes manufacturing as well as domestic and foreign trade focusing on exports of its products. - Since inception, Prizma is representative of OMRON, a leading Japanese manufacturer čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Prizma: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review

Location: Beograd, Vračar, Srbija, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 26 Phone: 011 324 5XXX - Show number
Description: Dve Šmizle the brand that is sold through a retail chain specializing in sales of fashion jewelry and imitation jewelry. Winning women's hearts this brand started 2002nd year when he opened the first store in Belgrade. The overwhelming čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Dve Šmizle: maka

"moram da pohvalim "dve smizle", zaista prelep nakit i pristupacne cene. "

0 review

Location: Beograd, Vračar, Srbija, Mileševska 52 Phone: 011 245 8XXX - Show number
Description: Company Euro Crnotravac Invest was founded 14th March 2000 year. We handle a wide range of construction, craft, installation, and specialist contractors in the construction industry. - Electrical work - Air conditioning, - Heating, čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Euro Crnotravac Invest: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

IMP Automatika
Information Systems

Location: Beograd, Zvezdara, Srbija, Volgina 15 Phone: 011 677 1XXX - Show number
Description: IMP Automation & Control Systems Ltd. is usually the system integrator and project leader in most of complex projects done by the Institute Mihajlo Pupin - leading Serbian R&D institution in ICT, when there are several companies, čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za IMP Automatika: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Radio Džoker
Media - TV, Radio, Newspapers

Location: Čačak, Srbija, Ljubić kej 17 Phone: 032 355 XXX - Show number
Description: Joker Radio 95.6 MHz Local radio station from Cacak whose program is based on music and informative. Music concept includes domestic pop and folk music. čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Radio Džoker: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Rubin radio 92.2 MHz
Media - TV, Radio, Newspapers

Location: Kruševac, Srbija, Majke Jugovića 11/33 Phone: 037 419 XXX - Show number
Description: Rubin radio since its inception in 1999. years, in a variety of radio stations that co-existed with their attempts to program content and the careful selection of music to be part of your daily routine and positive vibrations transmitted via čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Rubin radio 92.2 MHz: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Location: Beograd, Vračar, Srbija, Koče Kapetana 12-14 Phone: 011 245 4XXX - Show number
Description: Sani Optik Company, synonymous with quality products and reliable service, operating in 33 cities in Serbia where 43 retail offers its customers: - Prescription glasses and sunglasses world famous brand Gianfranco Ferre, Sisley, Moschino, čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Sani optik: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
2 reviews

Apoteka Pharmacity
Health Facilities

Location: Beograd, Stari grad, Srbija, Takovska 7 Phone: 011 322 2XXX - Show number
Description: ZU Pharmacy Pharmacity, one of the largest private pharmacies in Serbia. We were founded in the 2004th since then until now we have built a clear and unique picture of their patients and customers that we are a trustworthy pharmacy, responsible čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Apoteka Pharmacity: Nenad Pelemish

"Ovim putem pohvaljujem osoblje apoteka pharmanova na usluznosti prilikom kupovine, veoma profesionalna usluga ... "

1 review

Dp Ing
Project designing

Location: Novi Bečej, Srbija, Revolucije 4a Phone: 023 775 XXX - Show number
Description: DP Ing the company to design, urban planning and engineering. The company was founded in 1989. year. We offer urban, architectural and construction, hydro, traffic engineering and construction supervision of civil engineering. We own čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Dp Ing: Nikola Majstorović

"Najbolja firma na polju projektovanja i inženjeringa u Srbiji. "

1 review

Location: Beograd, Zvezdara, Srbija, Vjekoslava Kovača 11 Phone: 011 241 4XXX - Show number
Description: Sports Academy, sometimes higher, and now an accredited college of professional studies in the three-year term this year celebrates its 18 anniversary of its existence. At the initiative of prof. Leona Lukman 1996th The Sports Academy is čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Sportska akademija Beograd: Bogunovic Milos

"Pored sjajnih predavaca i ljudi zaposlenih u organizaciji i rukovodstvu Akademije, smatram da je i sam program i sistem obrazovanja veoma dobar. Mislim da je ovakva skola ..."

0 review

Zavod za zaštitu spomenika kulture Valjevo
Protection of Cultural Property

Location: Valjevo, Srbija, Milovana Glišića 2 Phone: 014 351 9XXX - Show number
Description: Institute for Protection of Cultural Heritage "Valjevo" based in Valjevo, was founded in 1986. year. The territorial jurisdiction of the 14 cities and municipalities Macvanski and Kolubara. The main activity of the institution is the protection čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Zavod za zaštitu spomenika kulture Valjevo: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Aqua Arts - Akvamarin
Home & Garden design

Location: Beograd, Stari grad, Srbija, Hilandarska 25 Phone: 011 322 6XXX - Show number
Description: Aqua Arts - Aquamarine ltd. Beograd is a company for design and construction of fountains and pools, equipment and installation, and underwater decorative lighting, and deals with the architectural design of buildings and complexes - tourism, čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Aqua Arts - Akvamarin: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Auto Tema
Car dealer

Location: Kragujevac, Srbija, Kraljevačkog bataljona 243 Phone: 034 354 XXX - Show number
Description: The main activity of the company Auto Tema is import and sale of used cars, mostly from France. Vehicle Program includes: - Peugeot vehicles - Renault cars - Citroen vehicles - VW vehicles - Audi vehicles - BMW vehicles - Opel vehicles čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Auto Tema: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Location: Beograd, Palilula, Srbija, Kraljice Marije 25 Phone: 011 303 2XXX - Show number
Description: Company Geosonda Fundiranje ad founded in 1948. year. During the development period the company was mainly oriented to specialized work in the two main industries, mining and construction. We have always tried to optimally complement and čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Geosonda - Fundiranje: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Location: Subotica, Srbija, Maksima Gorkog 20 Phone: 024 551 XXX - Show number
Description: Lomax Company is the exclusive distributor of the programs Kimberly & Clark (Linostar diapers, Huggies collection), Johnson Wax, Mirat (Intesa, Malizia), Colgate Palmolive Adria for Kolynos toothpaste, Dalan soap, Silver Collection čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Lomax Company: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Mouzenidis Travel
Travel agency

Location: Beograd, Stari grad, Srbija, Dobračina 34 Phone: 011 630 1XXX - Show number
Description: Travel company MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL was founded, 18 years ago, in 1995. the capital of northern Greece, in Thessaloniki. In Greece we operate in 14 offices: Thessaloniki, Athens, Halkidiki, Pieria, Kastoria, Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, Thassos, čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Mouzenidis Travel: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Zim elevator

Location: Beograd, Zvezdara, Srbija, 16. oktobra 23 Phone: 011 342 0XXX - Show number
Description: ZIM Elevator Company is registered for the service, repair and installation of all types of electric and hydraulic elevators. Years of work abroad by some employees as well as business and technical cooperation with foreign enterprises čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Zim elevator: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Machines and tools

Location: Beograd, Novi Beograd, Srbija, Milutina Milankovića 120a Phone: 011 213 9XXX - Show number
Description: Agrogas Ltd. is a private company established in 2000. year. Settling for programs and agricultural gasification directed the decision to form a company with a name that reflects the programmatic orientation of the company. Further specialization čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Agrogas: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Location: Beograd, Zvezdara, Srbija, Sergija Nikolića 12/1 Phone: 011 304 7XXX - Show number
Description: Enterio design is over 11 years engaged in furnishing office space for various purposes. We import directly from the well-known European manufacturer of high quality products. Part range produce so we can meet the different tastes of our čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Enterio design: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
2 reviews

OMV Srbija
Petrol station

Location: Beograd, Novi Beograd, Srbija, Omladinskih brigada 90a Phone: 011 207 1XXX - Show number
Description: Construction and development of a network of petrol stations, in addition to fuel supply, they have to offer the entire range of services with a 24-hour working time. - VIVA shop with carefully selected consumer goods, and class of its own range čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for OMV Srbija: Dušan Gojković

"Najbolje četke za automatsko pranje u Beogradu.Program br.5 je izvrstan.Savršeno voskiranje.Štitilo mi je auto od jeseni do proleća. "

0 review

Spark systems
Ramps and parking barriers

Location: Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Futog, Srbija, Milana Vidaka 2a Phone: 021 891 XXX - Show number
Description: Spark Systems is a company that operates in the area of distribution, installation and maintenance of systems to control access to pedestrians and vehicles, as with hardware solutions include software, cards and other components (card čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Spark systems: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review

Construction materials and equipment

Location: Nova Pazova, Srbija, Industrijska zona bb Phone: 022 328 XXX - Show number
Description: As part of the company Euromodul there are two factories that are primarily engaged in the production of urban and commercial equipment and in Serbia - EUROmodul Ltd. Nova Pazova and Croatia EUROmodul d.o.o. Viškovo-Rijeka. Euromodul čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Euromodul: Petar Srnić

"Dobar balans između kvaliteta i cene kontejnera. Tačnost dogovorene isporuke na naše gradilište. Zadovoljni smo sa Eruomodulom. "

0 review Deals!

Construction materials and equipment

Location: Kragujevac - Aerodrom, Srbija, Gornjomilanovačka bb Phone: 034 639 3XXX - Show number
Description: Brick Company Ltd. was founded in 1996. as an agency for the provision of transport services. Dedication and effort of the founders and employees, today Bricks Ltd. in wholesale and retail of building materials and is considered one of the most čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Opeka: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Location: Kragujevac, Srbija, Doktora Zorana Đinđića 24 Phone: 034 206 XXX - Show number
Description: Ukoliko vam život postavi iskušenje tipa da vam je potrebna druga kvalifikacija od one koje posedujete, ukoliko vam je potrebno da se dokvalifikujete ili vam više iz nekog razloga ne odgovara školsko okruženje u čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Srednja škola Sveti Arhangel: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Location: Beograd, Voždovac, Autokomanda, Srbija, Veternička 9 Phone: 011 264 7XXX - Show number
Description: North Esc engaged in selling, installing and servicing water pumps, electric motors and systems to increase water pressure. Service water pumps and electric service is done quickly, professionally and efficiently. Sales of equipment čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Esc Sever: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review

Candy Universe
Confectionery product

Location: Beograd, Novi Beograd, Srbija, Jurija Gagarina 16 Phone: 064 433 5XXX - Show number
Description: Candy Universe is a small family business established in late 2012. The main activity of Candy Universe candy store is selling sweets that are the most beautiful in the world with candy, which is easier and that you return the smile on his face. čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Candy Universe: Moma

"Jedna Jelena sad je moja zahvaljujući najlepšim bonbombonama na svetu. Najbolji ste.... "

0 review


Location: Kragujevac, Srbija, Branka Radičevića 12 Phone: 034 356 XXX - Show number
Description: Idest doo is a young and vital engineering firm providing integrated services for the engineering, procurement and construction sector (EPC). Idest doo is the Balkan sister company of Idest Group. Since its founding in 1999, Idest group čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Idest: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review

Location: Beograd, Zvezdara, Srbija, Pljevaljska 2ž Phone: +19XXX - Show number
Description: Pink taxi was established in 01.12.1994. year. In its fleet and has the best quality cars in the market, which are applicable legislation categorized in the highest class of LUX, which are entitled to the activity of taxi services performed čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Pink taxi: Aleksandra M.

"Koristim priliku koja nam se svima pruza, da pohvalim PINK TAXI , jer se cesto vozim . Bas ste svi profesionalni i super je sto dajete i popust. Svaka cast i dalje budite ..."

0 review

Auto parts

Location: Pivara - KG, Ilićevo, Srbija, Liparska kosa bb Phone: 034 633 6XXX - Show number
Description: Sanel je upotpunio ponudu rezervnih delova putničkog programa, koja pokriva automobile prisutne na našim prostorima (VW, Fiat, japanska vozila, Opel, Ford, Audi, Citroen, Peugeot, Renault ...). čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Sanel: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
5 review

Šumske kapi
Medicinal herbs

Location: Jagodina, Srbija, Žanova 5/5 Phone: 035 252 XXX - Show number
Description: Company "Forest drops distribution" is in Jagodina near the center of the street Žanova. Our company is the general distributor elixir "Forest drops" in Serbia and abroad, and has the exclusive right to enter into čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Šumske kapi: Miodrag Miletić

"Imao sam starhovite bolove u zglobovima, išijas i reumu, poremećeno varenje i konstantno sam osećao zamor. Od kada koristim Šumske kapi ja sam nov čovek. Konačno nemam ..."

1 review

PICO servis
Computer Sales

Location: Novi Sad, Srbija, Futoška 21 Phone: 064 328 8XXX - Show number
Description: Computer service Novi Sad Pico is a company with extensive experience when it comes to maintenance of computers and computer equipment , we specialize in servicing laptops of all brands in the world and the service Apple computers . Our IT čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for PICO servis: Miodrag Pavlović

"Uradili su posao za koji su drugi rekli da je nemoguće, sve pohvale i preporuke. "

1 review

Inex plus
Security systems

Location: Beograd, Savski venac, Srbija, Humska 3c Phone: 011 369 1XXX - Show number
Description: The main activity of the company Inex Plus Ltd. Belgrade is to provide services in the field of security and protection. Inex Plus is located in Hum street in Belgrade, a Serbian territory covered by regional centers in Novi Sad, Sabac, Kraljevo, čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Inex plus: Miloš Petrović

"Sve preporuke, rade trenutno za nas transport novca i obezbeđenje. "

0 review Deals!

Ljuba invest

Location: Paraćin, Srbija, Knjaza Miloša bb Phone: 035 534 XXX - Show number
Description: SZTR Ljuba invest a construction company from Paracin whose business is construction works construction and production and sale of construction materials. The company was founded in 1994 and is the successor of a family tradition in the field čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Ljuba invest: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
2 reviews Deals!

New Balkan Trans
Courier Service

Location: Šabac, Srbija, Kralja Milutina 146 Phone: 015 319 XXX - Show number
Description: The New Balkan Trans Ltd. established on 14 October 2002. year. Our long experience and many satisfied customers are our recommendations. We are here to satisfy your needs through several activities: • AUCTION SALE OF VEHICLES Unique čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for New Balkan Trans: Jelena B.

"Ovi momci su toliko ljubazni i brzi, stvarno nemaju konkurenciju. Svaka čast za Vaš tim. "

0 review

Exhaust service

Location: Pivara - KG, Beloševac, Srbija, Svetolika Janjića 37 Phone: 064 122 9XXX - Show number
Description: Prodaja i ugradnja izduvnih sistema na putničkim, kombi i teretnim vozilima kao i prodaja i besplatna zamena ulja i filtera na putničkim vozilima. čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Automarket: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Doki Vet

Location: Čoka, Srbija, Petra Drapšina 70 Phone: 023 072 XXX - Show number
Description: Veterinary Station Doki - Vet founded in 2006. year. Preventive - Mandatory vaccination against rabies and microchip - Recommended vaccines Laboratory analysis - Microscopic analysis - Blood tests (hematology and blood biochemistry) čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Doki Vet: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review


Location: Beograd, Palilula, Srbija, Dragoslava Srejovića 72n Phone: 011 697 1XXX - Show number
Description: INTERSISTEM Ltd. is a company engaged in the publishing business and trade in the field of cartography and geographics. Specific areas of interest created the conditions for the expansion of our product, great presence in the market, continuous čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Intersistem: Dubravka Popović

"Veoma sam zadovoljna sa vašim mapama, čak šta više, pomogli su ste mi kad sam trebala da pokažem realan prikaz Srbije sa svim rečnim tokovima, ..."

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