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4 reviews Deals!

Party Travel
Travel agency

Location: Beograd, Stari grad, Terazije, Srbija, Čumićeva 2 Phone: 011 323 5XXX - Show number
Description: Party Travel travel agency specializing in the preparation, organization and conduct of tours youth and all those who feel like the exclusive destinations that guarantee fun and enjoy the charms of such a journey entails. Our desire is to čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Party Travel: Jovana Nikolić

"Prošle godine sam išla u Veneciju sa vama fenomenalno sam se provela i ove godine idem opet samo u vreme karnevala!!!! Jedva ceka karneval u Veneciji!!!!!!Veliki ..."

0 review

City Road Group

Location: Beograd, Zemun, Srbija, Ratarski put 14a Phone: 011 307 9XXX - Show number
Description: The main activity of the company City Road Group is carrying out construction works in the field of engineering. Guided safe hands, the real skill of the author, in a very short time the company has achieved rapid growth and strength. City čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za City Road Group: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Kongresni servisni centar
Congress and congress organizers

Location: Beograd, Srbija, Admirala Geprata 6 Phone: 011 664 9XXX - Show number
Description: Congress service center provides complete technical support in organizing seminars, workshops, round tables, conferences and congresses, as follows: • technical equipment for simultaneous interpretation: receivers with a čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Kongresni servisni centar: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review

Location: Beograd, Novi Beograd, Srbija, Đorđa Stanojevića 11/8 Phone: +19 9XXX - Show number
Description: TAXI TAXI is a new brand in Belgrade, was created based on existing NBA and CD taxi. Given that both the NBA and the CD had the character and reputation of local taxi services to their merger created a network of taxi drivers čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Taksi Taxi: Marina M.

"Vozači NBA taxi službe su za svaku pohvalu. Bezbedno će vas dovesti do željene lokacije i veoma brzo što je itekako bitno. "

0 review Deals!

Location: Beograd, Savski venac, Srbija, Lička 3 Phone: 011 761 9XXX - Show number
Description: Alpha Serbia Tours International is a reputable carrier for Germany and all major cities in Europe. Highly professional service, affordable, safe, fast, service.   Together with the renowned German carrier Omnibusbetrieb čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Srbija Tours International: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Zorbas travel
Travel agency

Location: Beograd, Voždovac, Srbija, Leona Koena 4 Phone: 011 394 2XXX - Show number
Description: Travel agency Zorbas Travel offers a wide variety of travel at home and abroad. Your just have to choose the destination and go on the journey with our agency a treat. Although we are a relatively young agency, we try all our passengers are satisfied čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Zorbas travel: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Mesara Kalik
Butcher store

Location: Beograd, Novi Beograd, Srbija, Nehruova 53a Phone: 011 228 8XXX - Show number
Description: Butchers Kalik founded in 1985. as a family firm. Our name is synonymous with long experience in Germany, Croatia and Serbia, top quality meat and meat products, clean room for processing and selling meat and direct relationship with customers. čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Mesara Kalik: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Location: Beograd, Srbija, Svetozara Papića 3a Phone: 063 403 XXX - Show number
Description: Stevanovic Darko car carrier is trucking company that is engaged in loco transport and transport in the former Yugoslavia. Years of experience and professional drivers are our advantage. In our fleet we have the following vehicles: Towing čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Šlep služba Stevanović Darko: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review

Stella Maris
Travel agency

Location: Beograd, Stari grad, Srbija, Terazije 14/2 Phone: 011 361 0XXX - Show number
Description: All these years, Stella Maris Travel Agency creates its programs according to your taste and needs. Satisfaction was mutual, and an unforgettable summer. Every year, Stella Maris with his offer and went a step further. For good quality čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Stella Maris: SRBOLJUB I SNE?ANA STEVANOVIA

"Hvala za divno letovanje u Paraliji. Bilo je zadovoljstvo putovati sa Vama, a pre svega sa vodieem Mikijem. Bez imalo preterivanja, sve je funkcionisalo super, a dobili smo ..."

0 review

Best Veritas
Funeral services and equipment

Location: Beograd, Voždovac, Srbija, Pavla Labata 91 Phone: 063 236 XXX - Show number
Description: Best company Veritas was founded in 1989. year. We offer complete funeral services at home and abroad. We are available 24 hours a day. If the funeral in Belgrade, transportation funeral equipment is free. Transportation outside Belgrade čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Best Veritas: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
2 reviews Deals!

Location: Beograd, Savski venac, Srbija, Nemanjina 40 Phone: 011 365 0XXX - Show number
Description: Best 89 travel agency is a young travel agency, but the agency that has extensive experience tourism and travel organization. The main idea guiding, to restore and re-start functioning this remix agencies, the desire to remind prospective čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Best 89 travel agency: Ruska

"Ja sam se super provela na ovom putovanju!! Tople preporuke. "

0 review

ABD komerc
Wood industry

Location: Belanovce, Srbija, Belanovce bb Phone: 016 735 XXX - Show number
Description: ABD commerce company founded in 1993. year. We are a leading manufacturer of forklifts in Serbia and Montenegro. We cover over 80% of the market. We are equipped to manufacture and service of electric and diesel forklifts. We service all types čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za ABD komerc: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Location: Beograd, Obrenovac, Barič, Srbija, Barička reka 26 Phone: 011 870 1XXX - Show number
Description: From the craft store that is established in 2004. years we have grown into a company that today produces thermal insulating glass for glazing plastic, aluminum and wooden windows, and the classical, semi-structural facade, cutting, kp processing, čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Glass Invest Product: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Miran san
Funeral services and equipment

Location: Beograd, Palilula, Borča, Srbija, Igumana Stefana 4 - Zbeg Phone: 011 332 0XXX - Show number
Description: Funeral Miran san Borca Zbeg, S.Grbović family company, started its operation since 2000. year. We undertake to complete the organization of the funeral and cremation. As in Serbia and beyond the borders of Serbia. We provide funeral services: čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Miran san: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review

Od igle do lokomotive
Internet Service Provider

Location: Niš, Srbija, Radoja Dakića 18 Phone: 018 575 XXX - Show number
Description: Internet stores Od igle do lokomotive is selling consumer goods, household appliances and various kinds of tools. Why is it easier to shop with us? - Because we have over 40,000 products in one place. - Because the product will receive an čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Od igle do lokomotive: Anita

"Odlične slušalice HK3031 HAMA! Povoljni, brzi i tačni. Planiram ponovo kod njih da kupujem. "

19 review

Recta Via

Location: Beograd, Zemun, Srbija, Igmanska 16 Phone: 011 219 1XXX - Show number
Description: Via Recta Company was founded in in 1990. Company provides services in the field of transportation. Our services are fast, efficient and affordable. Transport and removals for individuals and legal entities are done in the country and abroad, čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Recta Via: Danijel Barbulovic

"Izuzetna korektnost dispečera i radnika. Nema naknadnog korigovanja cjena. Sve funkcionira kak smo i dogovorili. "

0 review Deals!

Travel agency

Location: Beograd, Savski venac, Srbija, Balkanska 18/60 Phone: 011 362 6XXX - Show number
Description: Bokaturist established a joint stock company for hospitality and tourism Vektra Boka from Herceg Novi. The Company has: the Plaza Hotel in Herceg Novi, wellhead and Tamaris in Igalo Alet Becici, with dozens of smaller objects of type restaurant, čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Bokaturist: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Auto service

Location: Prislonica, Srbija, Ibarski put bb Phone: 032 548 5XXX - Show number
Description: Dragacevac Auto Service is located in the Prislonica, on the main road Belgrade-Cacak. The service is engaged in repair of passenger, pickup trucks and Mercedes and Smart car repairs. With us you can do mechanics, diagnostic, tin and painting čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Dragačevac: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review

Bel Medic
Health Facilities

Location: Beograd, Voždovac, Srbija, Koste Jovanovića 87 Phone: 011 309 1XXX - Show number
Description: Bel Medic General Hospital for 19 years dedicated to treating both children and adults, is the first private hospital in Serbia accredited according to the highest European quality standards (ISQua). Provides the highest quality and prompt čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Bel Medic: Liane Tarmann / Nenad Garić

"Poštovane Dame i Gospodo, Bili smo kod Vas na pregledu 5. 11. 2011 kod Prof. Dr. Darinke Bosković. Uz veliku zahvalnost Vama i Prof. Bosković koja nas je povezala sa Prof. ..."

0 review Deals!

Metal products

Location: Požarevac, Srbija, Draže Markovića 1 Phone: 012 541 XXX - Show number
Description: Production and assembly of light and heavy steel structures. Sale of wholesale and retail products of iron, steel and non-ferrous metals. The product range consists of: - Welded and seamless pipe (hidroispitane and structural) - Galvanized čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Metalotehna: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Wood industry

Location: Beograd, Palilula, Borča, Srbija, Mitra Trifunovića Uče 15 Phone: 011 332 7XXX - Show number
Description: - Production of euro pallets and other types of wooden pallets - Exploitation of the forests - cutting and drawing - Transport of logs on trucks - Sales of timber - Service-cutting - Production of all types of pallets, - Preparing bus bar čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Osetia: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review

Location: Beograd, Novi Beograd, Srbija, Bulevar umetnosti bb Phone: 011 668 0XXX - Show number
Description: Agency for transport and relocation Kocic provides the following services: • Relocation Everyone moves at least once in their lifetime. Moving does not have to be trauma. After moving thousands of dwellings and businesses have a čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Transport i selidbe Kocić: Dušica Petrović

"Radnici su izvanredni, marljivi, spremni na bilo koji vid saradnje. Sve pohvale i preporuke za njih. Dušica Petrović "

0 review


Location: Beograd, Zvezdara, Srbija, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 290 Phone: 011 341 3XXX - Show number
Description: The company has been operating successfully since Autokran in 1997. year. We provide the following services: - Loading of goods - Unloading - Reloading - Transport of goods - Freight transport - Bulk transport - Special handling - Renting of čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Autokran: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Bumbarius Elit
Construction materials and equipment

Location: Beograd, Palilula, Srbija, Vuka Vrčevića bb Phone: 011 329 5XXX - Show number
Description: Bumbarius is a young company whose business activity: sales of natural sand and gravel separation and sale of fractions obtained by separation of natural gravel, construction materials and concrete production and construction work, as čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Bumbarius Elit: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Luk trans

Location: Beograd, Stari grad, Srbija, Dunavska 27 Phone: 011 328 2XXX - Show number
Description: The company Luk trans was founded in 14.05.1993. year. Specializes in excavation works in: - construction, - civil engineering,  -construction of roads, - demolition and removal of structures, - development of roads, - making čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Luk trans: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review Deals!

Tip top

Location: Beograd, Surčin, Srbija, Vojvođanska 396a Phone: 011 844 3XXX - Show number
Description: TIP TOP is engaged in washing the carpet, keeping private and business offices, sports halls, hospitals, supermarkets, restaurants, shops, shopping centers, general cleaning of the final works in construction. It's just one call čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Tip top: Jelena Jovanović

"Jedini koji su uspeli da skinu fleku sa mog tepiha. "

2 reviews Deals!

Nursing home

Location: Beograd, Voždovac, Srbija, Zaplanjska 86g Phone: 011 396 1XXX - Show number
Description: Agape Home for the elderly is the first private, purpose-built, home care and housing for the elderly in Belgrade deluxe category. The lodge is located in Vozdovac in quiet part of town. Home is designed for 52 users can expect from him from čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Agape: Zoran Blazenovic

"Dom je za svaku pohvalu. Evropski standard. "

0 review

Construction materials and equipment

Location: Beograd, Palilula, Krnjača, Srbija, Zrenjaninski put 92 Phone: 011 331 7XXX - Show number
Description: Bane retail shops established in 2004. years and is in the business of retail and wholesale laminate flooring. The TZR Bane can find all the materials and complete program for smoothing surfaces and further consolidation of the substrate. čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Bane: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Beometal sirovine
Secondary Raw Materials

Location: Beograd, Čukarica, Srbija, Kneza Višeslava bb Phone: 061 665 8XXX - Show number
Description: Purchase of raw materials at the best prices on the territory of Serbia. We purchase scrap aluminum (the used offset plates, aluminum windows, aluminum foil, various profiles, metal construction ...), copper, bronze, brass, stainless čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Beometal sirovine: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Shipping company

Location: Beograd, Novi Beograd, Srbija, Gramšijeva 2 Phone: 011 267 4XXX - Show number
Description: Centrotrans a transport company with extensive experience in the transport of special and oversized items. We offer the following transport-forwarding services: • oversized goods transport in the regime of special transport, čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Centrotrans: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review

Rasadnik Pavlović
Home & Garden design

Location: Smederevo, Srbija, Kolarski put bb Phone: 026 661 XXX - Show number
Description: Nursery garden Pavlovic is a family business that produces plants for landscaping, gardens and courtyards, as well as design and construction and yard work, landscaping, flower pots, lawns. In order to round off our offer we have started čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Rasadnik Pavlović: Vujic Tijana

"Jedan od najboljih i najeftinijih rasadnika super su ljubazni i sve objasne oko sadnje bilo kakvih biljaka. "

1 review

Pogrebni zavod Aleksandar
Funeral services and equipment

Location: Beograd, Palilula, Borča, Srbija, Ratnih vojnih invalida 74a Phone: 011 332 5XXX - Show number
Description: Alexander Funeral Bureau provides the following services: - Sale of funeral and related equipment - Transportation of human remains at home and abroad - Scheduling a funeral or cremation in the city cemeteries - Provision of new grave čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Pogrebni zavod Aleksandar: Vesna Janežić

"Za Pogrebni zavod Aleksandar mogu reći samo sve najlepše. Momenti kada neko od naših najmilijih napusti ovaj svet su, pre svega, jako bolni i vrlo često se desi da nepripremljeno ..."

0 review

Location: Beograd, Voždovac, Bubanj potok, Srbija, Kružni put 10b Phone: 064 343 7XXX - Show number
Description: A stock Brajo to offer the highest quality fir sawn structure and round fir timber. On machines for cutting wood, we service all types of cutting logs: • boards • baulks • beams • stafne • rack • roof structure čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Stovarište Brajo: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review


Location: Beograd, Palilula, Borča, Srbija, Zrenjaninski put 132b Phone: 011 271 5XXX - Show number
Description: Dunex Ltd. is a company specialized in trading of ferrous metallurgy. Operates in the following areas: • Wholesale and retail steel and aluminum products (galvanized wire, barbed wire, fire wire, aluminum profiles, concrete steel, čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Dunex: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review

Location: Beograd, Novi Beograd, Srbija, Dr Ivana Ribara 115b/68 Phone: 063 255 XXX - Show number
Description: King upholstery workshop was established in 1992. The main activity is the upholstery of all kinds (upholstery fabric, eco-leather and natural leather), painting furniture, antique furniture restoration, restoring old furniture and čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for King tapetarska radionica: Tatjana Đinđić

"Sve pohvale za kvalitet i uslugu! "

0 review

Location: Beograd, Voždovac, Srbija, Kumodraška 182 Phone: 011 309 8XXX - Show number
Description: LTC Stankovic company is engaged in transport and oversize transport of goods in the domestic and international services using its own vehicles and vehicles of other carriers - domestic and foreign partners, a complete logistics related čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za LTC Stanković - Logistics Transport Consulting Stanković: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
2 reviews

Location: Beograd, Čukarica, Žarkovo, Srbija, Vodovodska 177g Phone: 011 257 1XXX - Show number
Description: Transporter Stosic Ivan is a company whose core business is transportation, organization and coordination of moving to the city, intercity and international transport. Agency Stosic is a leader in the market when it comes to moving. We čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Prevoz 011 - ABC Stošić: Denland Trade

"Koristili smo usluge agencije za selidbu prilikom otvaranja naše nove kopirnice. Bilo nam je potrebno da prevezemo mnogo osetljive kompjuterske opreme i zato je najvažniji ..."

0 review

Stef trans

Location: Čačak, Srbija, Kneza Miloša 51 Phone: 032 342 XXX - Show number
Description: Stef trans Ltd. is a company that was established in 1999. with headquarters in Cacak. Our activities include the transport of goods in road transport, customs brokerage, storage and further distribution of goods. Our vehicles are present čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Stef trans: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review


Location: Beograd, Zvezdara, Mirijevo, Srbija, Ulofa Palmea 8v Phone: 011 743 3XXX - Show number
Description: Transconnect company founded in 1966. year. We are engaged in road transport special, oversized and heavy cargo in Serbia, region and across Europe. We work transportation for Turkey. Transportation are working with our trucks. We acquire čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Transconnect: Srđan Drakulić

"Svaka čast! Za ovo treba imati srce, to mi je san, nešto neizvodljivo, nešto što se ceni u poslu, odgovornost, pažnja i adrenalin. "

0 review

Location: Beograd, Vračar, Srbija, Njegoševa 45 Phone: 011 364 0XXX - Show number
Description: Piano travel & concierge consulting Ltd. the agency in the travel, established the 2010th year. We are engaged in the provision of appropriate advice when choosing a destination travel and tourist agencies collecting bids from home and čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Piano travel consulting & concierge: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review

Montesol travel
Travel agency

Location: Beograd, Stari grad, Terazije, Srbija, Čumićeva bb/23 Phone: 011 324 8XXX - Show number
Description: Travel agency Montesol travel was established in 1990. In his many years of successful business has developed a wide range of tourist activities. We are organizing soldered, winter, pupils excursions, as well as fairs, sports, spa and monastery čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Montesol travel: Milena

"Sve pohvale turističkoj agenciji. Putovala sam sa njima u Veneciju i Beč. Nastavite tako da radite jer ste jedna od retkih profesionalnih agencija a istovremeno ..."

1 review

Auto Neša
Towing Service

Location: Beograd, Zvezdara, Mirijevo, Srbija, Vitezova Karađorđeve zvezde 82a Phone: 063 151 5XXX - Show number
Description: Auto service and towing service Auto Nesa there since 2005. yr. based in Belgrade, performing services towing services and roadside assistance every day, sundays and holidays. Towing service Auto Nesa performs all types of transportation čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Auto Neša: Brankica

"Sve pohvale za najlepšeg i najzgodnijeg majstora. "

0 review

Location: Beograd, Savski venac, Srbija, Bulevar kneza Aleksandra Karađorđevića 33 Phone: 063 667 XXX - Show number
Description: Agency for relocation and transportation Selidbe Tim 95 began work in 1995. year. Thanks to years of experience, our clients can offer removals, transport, shipping , storage items, packaging items and more quickly, professionally and čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Selidbe Tim 95 - autoprevoznik Filipović: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review

Falcon Tours
Travel agency

Location: Beograd, Vračar, Srbija, Makenzijeva 68 Phone: 011 245 2XXX - Show number
Description: Travel agency Falcon Tours was founded in 2007. in Belgrade. Falcon Tours is a member of YUTA - National Association of Tourist Agencies. Falcon Tours Travel agency holds a license number of OTP 012/2010 as a guarantee that is licensed by the čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Falcon Tours: Branka i Miroslav Simić

"Još uvek se impresije sa putovanja po Baltiku nisu sredile, a ja želim da vam se iskreno zahvalim za odlično organizovan program, za izuzetno dobar izbor hotela ..."

0 review

Construction materials and equipment

Location: Ljubić, Srbija, Ulica 222 27g Phone: 032 391 XXX - Show number
Description: Successful team of the company Bekal Ltd. Cacak for 10 years after his successful business endeavors to regularly meet the needs of their customers. In our offer, despite the fact that we manufacture doors, windows, fences alumininijumskih, čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Bekal: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review

Location: Beograd, Zvezdara, Srbija, Pljevaljska 2ž Phone: +19XXX - Show number
Description: Pink taxi was established in 01.12.1994. year. In its fleet and has the best quality cars in the market, which are applicable legislation categorized in the highest class of LUX, which are entitled to the activity of taxi services performed čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Pink taxi: Aleksandra M.

"Koristim priliku koja nam se svima pruza, da pohvalim PINK TAXI , jer se cesto vozim . Bas ste svi profesionalni i super je sto dajete i popust. Svaka cast i dalje budite ..."

1 review Deals!

Travel agency

Location: Beograd, Stari grad, Srbija, Maršala Birjuzova 47 Phone: 011 218 1XXX - Show number
Description: Travel Hipnos started working 1992nd and quickly takes precedence in terms of airline ticket sales agent of the company, whose offices are working in this area. We have received awards for the most successful sale of tickets of the following čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Hipnos: Dejan Milivojevic

"Odlicna agencija! Profesionalni i vrlo poslovni. Posebno bih pohvalio online prodaju karata na njihovom sajtu jer mogu da se nadju i low cost kompanije (nisam to vidjao kod ..."

2 reviews

Korona tours
Travel agency

Location: Smederevo, Srbija, Kneza Mihaila 8/20 Phone: 026 641 XXX - Show number
Description: The primary activity of the company's tourism (domestic, foreign and school tourism, recreational classes, seminars). We are engaged in the brokerage of real estate, interior editing and other services. The agency Korona tours you čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Korona tours: Slavica Stanković

"Preko Vas sam letovala i provodila zimski odmor u više navrata i mogu Vam uputiti samo reči HVALE za kompletnu uslugu. Nastavite tako da radite jer ste jedna od retkih profesionalnih ..."

0 review

Location: Beograd, Zemun, Srbija, Vojni put 2 276c Phone: 011 210 6XXX - Show number
Description: Agency moves Beocontrol has several years experience in the field of domestic relocations with a large list of satisfied customers. We provide moving to residential, and commercial space, regardless of the workload. In particular, we čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Agencija za selidbe Beocontrol: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Plava laguna
Wire and wire products

Location: Aranđelovac, Srbija, Cara Dušana 52 Phone: 034 701 XXX - Show number
Description: Blue Lagoon is a privately held company, headquartered in Aranđelovcu, the main activity of her wire and wire products, and the production and installation of all types of wire and related programs. We offer: - Stranded wire, - Small wire twists čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Plava laguna: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.

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