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Leder Mebel

Location: Vranje, Srbija, Neradovac bb Phone: 017 443 XXX - Show number
Description: Leder Mebel - factory for production of furniture of leather, eco-leather and fabric The factory was founded 22.04.2010. year. The main activity is the production of upholstered furniture in leather, eco-leather and fabric, in order that čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Leder Mebel: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
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Location: Beograd, Vračar, Srbija, Sinđelićeva 36 Phone: 011 243 7XXX - Show number
Description: ANAKS is a company specialized in the sale of office furniture and furnishing office space. Products range includes furniture and chairs for the business purposes of famous international and domestic manufacturers - desk, office chairs, čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Anaks: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
2 reviews

Home & Garden design

Location: Beograd, Voždovac, Srbija, Grčića Milenka 114 Phone: 011 386 3XXX - Show number
Description: Novolux was founded in 1990. years and during this time has grown into a leader in the distribution and sale of lighting. Thanks to the efficiency and flexibility combined with the knowledge, experience, new ideas and professional approach, čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Novolux: Dragana Bubulj

"Želim da se zahvalim ljubaznim prodavcima u prodavnici Novoluxa na Bulevaru kralja Aleksandra. Imala sam ogromnu dilemu gde da povoljno nađem spot plafonsko osvetljenje. ..."

0 review

Žako Sweasat
Home & Garden design

Location: Subotica, Srbija, Miloša Obilića 33 Phone: 024 554 XXX - Show number
Description: Sell indoor and outdoor decorative lighting, metal furniture, strip curtains, electrical and furnishing office space. Our company was established in 2004. with the aim to offer consumers a wide range of lighting, with an emphasis on a range čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Žako Sweasat: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
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Location: Beograd, Vračar, Srbija, Južni bulevar 120-122 Phone: 011 244 3XXX - Show number
Description: Nestor Company was founded in 1990. in Belgrade. Nestor Company is today a leading company in the production and sale of clean bedding runic wool. The basic idea and goal of today is that many of their clients and potential clients offer only the čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Nestor: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review

Peđa komerc

Location: Pančevo, Srbija, Stevana Šupljikca 79 Phone: 013 331 XXX - Show number
Description: Furniture Pedja Commerce offers the largest selection of premium furniture covers that market demand for the trendy, and for exclusive furniture and a large selection of floor coverings for your home. For you we provide a wide range of functional čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Peđa komerc: Vanja

"Imaju najbolje kuhinje u ponudi!!!! "

1 review

Location: Beograd, Zemun, Srbija, Karađorđev trg 7 Phone: 011 261 7XXX - Show number
Description: Company IDEAL Bathroom imports and sells wholesale and retail the following products: ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, bathroom fittings and other bathroom accessories and bathroom furniture, with special emphasis on the production and čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Ideal bathroom: Branko

"Odlične cene, dobra usluga, roba bi mogla biti bolje izložena... "

2 reviews

Location: Novi Pazar, Srbija, Ruđera Boškovića bb Phone: 020 386 XXX - Show number
Description: Numanović Furniture Factory has been manufacturing and selling furniture. The factory has been around for 20 years and during that time we have gained rich experience in furniture production. We passed a variety of trade fairs at home čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Fabrika nameštaja Numanović: Bojan

"Draga gospodo, Pre nekoliko dana kupio garnituru Dajana i mogu Vam reci da je odlična. Kupio sam je u eko koži i stvarno izgleda prelepo. Raspitao sam se u njihovoj administraciji ..."

0 review

Decor Foil

Location: Beograd, Čukarica, Rušanj, Srbija, Oslobođenja 1. deo 28 Phone: 011 256 2XXX - Show number
Description: Decor Foil is a young company, founded in the 2010th in Belgrade, as part of a chain of affiliated companies that operate in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Foil Decor Ltd. is engaged in import and distribution of 3D PVC, used for coating MDF čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Decor Foil: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Baby shop Sandra
Baby equipment and clothing

Location: Novi Sad, Srbija, Igmanska 2 Phone: 021 419 XXX - Show number
Description: Sandra baby shop, the oldest baby boutique in Novi Sad, started work 01.03.1994. as a small boutique childrens clothes and toys. After fourteen years of successful operations Baby Sandra shop grew into a company that is a retail and wholesale, čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Baby shop Sandra: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Location: Beograd, Savski venac, Srbija, Gavrila Principa 63 Phone: 011 664 6XXX - Show number
Description: Production of solid wood furniture Alto Šimšić for many years engaged in the production and sale of modern furniture by the world's standard, the wishes and needs of the modern man. To create furniture using massive, solid wood combined čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Alto Šimšić: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Mini inženjering
Metal products

Location: Inđija, Srbija, Kralja Petra Prvog 135 Phone: 022 551 XXX - Show number
Description: Mini Engineering Company Ltd. founded in 1992. year. Since 2002. The company moved into its own production area of about 800 m2 and office of approximately 200 m2 and began producing furniture and metal goods and engineering and later, locksmith čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Mini inženjering: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

School supplies

Location: Beograd, Zemun, Srbija, Mozerova 34 Phone: 011 316 2XXX - Show number
Description: Asprint Company Ltd. was founded in 1993 in Belgrade.Its main activity is to equip primary and secondary schools, equipping universities and other educational institutions.Company Asprint monitors trends in the development of modern čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Asprint: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Kids furniture

Location: Subotica, Srbija, Zorkina 1b Phone: 024 525 XXX - Show number
Description: The company Bambino is a manufacturer of children's furniture, which began with the production of the 2002nd and it is one of the leaders in the market of products for babies and young children. Through a wide range of products and high quality čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Bambino: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Belmax center
Shopping mall

Location: Beograd, Zemun, Srbija, Autoput 20 Phone: 011 201 3XXX - Show number
Description: BELMAX TRADE CENTER is a multinational business complex, part of which are company from Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Turkey, India and China. Operations center is based at the issuing office space and providing full support to producers, čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Belmax center: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review

Aqua Promet

Location: Jagodina, Srbija, Slovenski put bb Phone: 035 243 XXX - Show number
Description: AQUA PROMET LTD is a company established in 2002. year. His care, quality and optimal customer service becomes 2008th in wholesale and retail, which was created pursuant to the everyday needs of our customers and become a leader in the Morava čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Aqua Promet: A. Bočić

"Sve na jednom mestu izbor, kvalitet i cena. Moram da pohvalim zaposlene u Aquaprometu. Sve pohvale! "

1 review


Location: Beograd, Zemun, Srbija, Autoput 20 Phone: 011 225 0XXX - Show number
Description: Diplon Ltd. company is founded in 2005. year, and we are import, wholesale, retail and export of products from bathroom equipment. The product range includes brands Diplon several thousand items: sanitary ware, sanitary fittings, bathroom čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Diplon: Vlada Marković

"Ubedljivo najbolji izbor opreme za kupatila. "

0 review

Location: Beograd, Vračar, Srbija, Krušedolska 7 Phone: 011 243 8XXX - Show number
Description: Factory Linea Milanovic offers a wide range of furniture of the highest quality, both modern and classic designs: tables, chairs, sofas, beds, closets, chests, wardrobes, kitchen, bathroom cabinets, bar - consoles and other products. čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Linea Milanović: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review


Location: Kovin, Srbija, Proleterska 77 Phone: 013 743 XXX - Show number
Description: The company METAL Kovina in 1991. year. In the beginning it was a small factory which eventually grew into one of the leading manufacturers of metal furniture in Serbia. Successfully following the modern trends and technology development, čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Metal: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review

Aqua Trade
Construction materials and equipment

Location: Beograd, Obrenovac, Srbija, Kralja Petra Prvog 20 Phone: 011 872 4XXX - Show number
Description: Aqua Trade is an unincorporated trading company that sells equipment for water supply, sewerage, sanitation and heating. We offer a wide range of security doors, submersible pumps, ceramic tiles and bathroom equipment known domestic and čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Aqua Trade: Gojko Bojović

"Odličan salon, velika ponuda pločica i kupatilskog nameštaja...kućna dostava, ljubazno osoblje...komercijalista Jugi se ističe... Sve pohvale... "

0 review


Location: Beograd, Voždovac, Dušanovac, Srbija, Braće Jerkovića 74a Phone: 011 397 7XXX - Show number
Description: Production of furniture made to measure: the kitchen, closets, Bathroom fittings, children and bedrooms, office furniture of superior design. In Arkusu you can get the following services: - Design furniture, - Cutting board materials čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Arkus: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Art metal
Metal products

Location: Novi Sad, Srbija, Jovana Cvijića 35 Phone: 021 522 XXX - Show number
Description: Art Metal company was established in 1990. The previous experience of the founders of the field of ferrous metallurgy. Every product that comes out of our production is guaranteed the highest quality, whether it is sold as intermediate for čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Art metal: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

As Impeks

Location: Valjevo, Srbija, Boška Stojanovića bb Phone: 014 248 XXX - Show number
Description: Kataloška prodaja, implementacija tehnologija i prodaja opreme za zaštitu životne sredine su ključne reči za način poslovanja firme AS-IMPEKS, koja je kupcima stvorila dobru naviku kvalitetne kupovine, a preduzećima čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za As Impeks: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Ceramica Lux

Location: Beograd, Mladenovac, Međulužje, Srbija, 11. oktobra 62 Phone: 011 774 2XXX - Show number
Description: In the market of bathroom accessories present we are 18 years old. Recognizable brand when it comes to bathroom furniture LUX Ceramica, despite strong competition, for a short time managed to occupy a significant place in the market. The basic čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Ceramica Lux: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Construction materials and equipment

Location: Beograd, Lazarevac, Srbija, Milovana Lazarevića 65i Phone: 011 812 3XXX - Show number
Description: Termoelka s.z.t.r. was established in 1997. year. Lazarevac. We are located next to major roads, yet easily accessible, on a plot of 1000 m2 of office space and 500 m2 in which the showroom, retail and warehouse space. We are engaged in retail čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Termoelka: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Daglas Plus

Location: Beograd, Palilula, Srbija, Pančevački put 167 Phone: 011 274 8XXX - Show number
Description: Company Douglas Plus founded in 2006., in Pancevo. The company is still in Pancevo, while production units Douglas Plus in Belgrade, Pancevo road. Production of furniture pieces and extent of investors. Service-cutting and edging čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Daglas Plus: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review


Location: Beograd, Novi Beograd, Srbija, Bulevar Mihaila Pupina 10d/34 Phone: 011 213 1XXX - Show number
Description: Emu is a young and dynamic company that is sure to possess a human, organizational and other resources necessary to acquire one of the indispensable role of the domestic market. We insist on the complete satisfaction of our customers' čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Emu: Dejan Strbac

"Prezadovoljan sam uslovima koje ova firma pruza.Poslovnost je na vrhunskom nivou, a zaposleni se trude da udovolje svakom zahtevu kupca.Sve najbolje u daljem poslovanju. "

0 review

Leki group
Home & Garden design

Location: Beograd, Čukarica, Banovo brdo, Srbija, Trebevićka 6/10 Phone: 011 354 9XXX - Show number
Description: The company Leki Group Ltd. was established in 2005. in Belgrade. Before the foundation operated as an action Leki Step since 1999. year. Since the establishment is engaged in production, sales and service of curtains, upholstery fabric, čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Leki group: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review


Location: Beograd, Grocka, Vrčin, Srbija, Godnjička 6 Phone: 063 398 XXX - Show number
Description: Pleasant environment in your home, contribute to wood, cheerful tones and artwork are the work of Luj upholstery shops. This is where you can relax and be guided by their own creativity and personal taste, with absolute certainty that you will čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Luj: Nikola Petrović

"Fenomenalni ste, pre par godina sam kupio nekoliko stolica i reč "oduševljen" nije dovoljna da opišem kvalitet koji sam dobio!! Cena je čak i mala za ono ..."

1 review


Location: Vranje, Srbija, Kajmakčalanska 79 Phone: 017 412 XXX - Show number
Description: Company Olimpic Ltd. is a family company founded in October 1992. and deals with the import, wholesale and distribution of hardware for furniture and materials for upholstery. Of fittings for furniture in our assortment we have a wide range čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Olimpic: Ljube

"Dostupni ama baš uvek. "

0 review

Keramika Kovin
Construction materials and equipment

Location: Kovin, Srbija, Cara Lazara 110 Phone: 013 744 XXX - Show number
Description: ZTR CERAMICS KOVIN started its operation on 1 August 2001. Kovin. Sales asortinam companies Ceramics Kovin are: - Complete material and equipment for the bathroom, - Home and street water supply and drainage systems, - Hydrants. In čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Keramika Kovin: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review


Location: Majur, Srbija, Dušana Lončara 28/1 Phone: 015 376 XXX - Show number
Description: Domax Ltd. a furniture shop located in Majuro, near Sabac, on the main road Sabac-Loznica. Salon furniture Domax was started in 2009. Although we are a very young company, good assortment, quality products and competitive prices, we want to čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Domax: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review


Location: Požega, Srbija, Bana Milutina bb Phone: 031 381 6XXX - Show number
Description: Ginko company primarily deals with the production of chairs and tables of solid wood of high quality. Also, the product range is completed by the bar stools, tables, low tables, chairs, semi-armchair, two-seater, cabinets, cupboards, Dining čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Ginko: NEVENA


0 review

Inox Design
Metal products

Location: Gornji Milanovac, Srbija, Brusnica bb Phone: 032 751 XXX - Show number
Description: INOX DESIGN is engaged in designing, manufacturing and installing building hardware made ​​of stainless steel and steel. Our products are made from najboljiih materials, and special attention is paid to the quality of the čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Inox Design: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review


Location: Pančevo, Srbija, Bavaništanski put 435 Phone: 013 335 XXX - Show number
Description: Company for wholesale and retail bathroom equipment, as follows: - Ceramic tiles, - Sanitary ware, - Bathtubs and hydro-massage cabins, - Bathroom furniture - Bathroom equipment, - Battery, - Installation of water and sewer and other equipment čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Koral: Jovana Jovanovic

"Ljubazno osoblje i širok asortiman. Jako sam zadovoljna saradnjom! "

1 review

Masiv - s

Location: Beograd, Zemun, Batajnica, Srbija, Sevastokratora Dejana 43 Phone: 011 848 3XXX - Show number
Description: Company's main activities Masiv-S are: - Production of upholstered furniture: beds, chairs, furniture, double beds, chairs, doors... - Furniture production: making kitchen cabinet delivery, American closets, cabinets and... čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Masiv - s: Radovan

"Zaista za svaku pohvalu i preporuku. Mladi gospodin Vlada je odlican majstor, radi pedantno i temeljno. Namestaj izgleda kao da je tek izasao iz prodavnice. "

2 reviews

Mild - prom

Location: Beograd, Zemun, Srbija, Ivićeva 2 Phone: 011 373 9XXX - Show number
Description: Mild -prom also offers furniture from renowned domestic and foreign manufacturers. In our furniture showroom you will find a wide selection of modern and classic furniture, both upholstered and laminated with a still reasonable price čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Mild - prom: Goran Čubrilović

"Prezadovoljni smo vašom uslugom. Prodavci su Vam jako ljubazni i predusretljivi! Želimo Vam mnogo uspeha u daljem radu! "

0 review Deals!


Location: Čačak, Srbija, Čačanski partizanski odred bb Phone: 032 373 XXX - Show number
Description: Trougao is a trading company in private ownership established in 1992. in Cacak. Its main activity is trading heating equipment, water, sewage, gasification, and sale of industrial valves and fittings, ceramic tiles and bathroom furniture. čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Trougao: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Location: Ruma, Srbija, Industrijska 37 Phone: 022 479 XXX - Show number
Description: The main activity of the Holding Company Andrijasevic wholesale steel wire and manufacturing springs for industrial use, and production of springs for use in furniture industry, production of mattresses and upholstered bed production. čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Andrijašević: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review


Location: Beograd, Zvezdara, Srbija, Dimitrija Tucovića 77 Phone: 011 645 6XXX - Show number
Description: Contrary to some beliefs that sleep shortens life, the fact that sleep is a basic need and an essential requirement for a healthy life. The need for quality rest and sleep is particularly evident in the modern man's life, where quality rest and čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Bernarda: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review

Idda in
Construction materials and equipment

Location: Beograd, Zvezdara, Srbija, Batutova 18 Phone: 011 242 1XXX - Show number
Description: Idda In Ltd. is a direct importer of high quality laminate. We offer a wide range of laminate flooring in different colors and textures of wood and tiles. For those who are professionally engaged in framing pictures we offer machines, equipment čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Idda in: Braca Milicevic

"Korektan odnos prema kupcima kao i prema kolegama. Toplo preporucejemo saradnju! Braca Milicevic "

0 review

Location: Beograd, Mladenovac, Markovac, Srbija, Lazara i Srećka Vuksanovića 7 Phone: 011 821 1XXX - Show number
Description: OGANJ kovano gvožđe company was founded in 1997. in Markovac, municipalities Mladenovac. Registered as a partnership action specializing in the manufacture of cast iron, has developed into one of the leading manufacturing companies čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Oganj kovano gvožđe: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review


Location: Beograd, Zvezdara, Mirijevo, Srbija, Jovanke Radaković 27a Phone: 011 277 0XXX - Show number
Description: Blazic Ltd. is Slovenian company specialized in the distribution of materials for the furniture industry. The main part of the sales program consists of edgings. ABS and melamine are characterized by excellent coincidence with plates of čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Blažič: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Location: Beograd, Zvezdara, Mirijevo, Srbija, Vitezova Karađorđeve zvezde 103 Phone: 011 343 6XXX - Show number
Description: Confort Bathroom Solutions is proud to present its line of White Line Collection - antibacterial toilet seat. Antibacterial toilet seats from which we produce bakelite offer you the ideal value for money. When you choose to renew your bathroom čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Confort Bathroom Solutions: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Location: Beograd, Zvezdara, Srbija, Sergija Nikolića 12/1 Phone: 011 304 7XXX - Show number
Description: Enterio design is over 11 years engaged in furnishing office space for various purposes. We import directly from the well-known European manufacturer of high quality products. Part range produce so we can meet the different tastes of our čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Enterio design: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review

Location: Beograd, Novi Beograd, Srbija, Dr Ivana Ribara 115b/68 Phone: 063 255 XXX - Show number
Description: King upholstery workshop was established in 1992. The main activity is the upholstery of all kinds (upholstery fabric, eco-leather and natural leather), painting furniture, antique furniture restoration, restoring old furniture and čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for King tapetarska radionica: Tatjana Đinđić

"Sve pohvale za kvalitet i uslugu! "

0 review

Leokom M & V

Location: Beograd, Savski venac, Srbija, Sarajevska 74 Phone: 011 362 0XXX - Show number
Description: Salon Furniture LEOKOM M & V Ltd. was founded in 1993. year. Salon furniture we have for 15 years in the Sarajevo street, with the offer of high class furniture: antique furniture, leather furniture, modern furniture forms, cabinets, furniture čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Leokom M & V: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
1 review

Construction materials and equipment

Location: Nova Pazova, Srbija, Industrijska zona bb Phone: 022 328 XXX - Show number
Description: As part of the company Euromodul there are two factories that are primarily engaged in the production of urban and commercial equipment and in Serbia - EUROmodul Ltd. Nova Pazova and Croatia EUROmodul d.o.o. Viškovo-Rijeka. Euromodul čitaj dalje...

Recommendation for Euromodul: Petar Srnić

"Dobar balans između kvaliteta i cene kontejnera. Tačnost dogovorene isporuke na naše gradilište. Zadovoljni smo sa Eruomodulom. "

0 review


Location: Beograd, Zemun, Srbija, Batajnički drum 6n Phone: 011 316 4XXX - Show number
Description: Company Estia Ltd. located in Zemun. During fifteen years of business has grown into a medium-sized company. We operate our own plants in a total area of ​​2000 m2 and employs 40 workers. Production program is exclusively for čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Estia: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.
0 review

Primavera studio

Location: Čačak, Srbija, Strahinjića Bana 11 Phone: 032 344 XXX - Show number
Description: Object construction, architectural design, interior design, supervision of works, equipment and furniture. čitaj dalje...

Preporuka za Primavera studio: Nema preporuka, napiši prvu.

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