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Internet stores Od igle do lokomotive is selling consumer goods, household appliances and various kinds of tools.

Why is it easier to shop with us?
- Because we have over 40,000 products in one place.
- Because the product will receive an invoice and warranty.
- Because your product is the doorstep, and then pay for it.
- Because you only need a chair, internet, and 15 minutes.

The procedure for purchasing through us is simple:
1. Visit our online store
2. Select a product group that interests you, and category, look at the picture, detailed product descriptions, product features, warranty conditions, time and cost of delivery - products
3. Order and
4. Courier service to bring you a product that door on that occasion and pay.
5. You can pay by check up to 6 installments

For the usual type of purchase you need a car, petrol or tickets for public transportation, parking ticket and payment of a van if the product is difficult and gabaritan and of course 2, 3, 4... hours of time.
In our internet shop you will find everything - from pins to locomotives: swimming pools, mowers, trimmers, balls, table for the basket, table tennis, rackets, screwdriver, irons, drills, axes, earrings, cameras, treadmills, cars for kids, water pumps, ladders, magnet bracelets, tool boxes, split the wood, crushing the branches, saw blades for wood, wine openers, water hoses, refrigerators, washing machines, massage chairs, cabinets, furniture, televisions, telephones, drills, screws, grit, tables, chairs, garden furniture, showers, taps on the pedal, bathtubs, water heaters, water pump, walking tractors, generators...

With Google Play store can now be downloaded android applications.

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Stereo slusalice HK3031 Hama

, 05.12.2013.

Subject: Kvalitet


Odlične slušalice HK3031 HAMA! Povoljni, brzi i tačni. Planiram ponovo kod njih da kupujem.

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, 16.09.2014.

Subject: Dostupnost informacija

Dali imate masinu za ciscenje ljuske jecma od zrna ako ima koliko kosta.

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