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Ruzveltova 55, Beograd, Palilula, Srbija

PSIT - Privredni savetnik - Informacione tehnologije, Ruzveltova 55, Beograd, Palilula, Srbija, Softverski inženjering,
PSIT Business Programs

Accounting and business programs Privredni savetnik - Informacione tehnologije (PS.IT) is a company that has for years devoted to improving the operations of economic entities, the introduction of modern information technologies in their business processes. Software solutions PS.IT combine a knowledge of experts from the Privredni savetnik in Accounting and Business Finance, and experts in the field of information technology. The strategy of the company to accurately monitor how the regulations related to business, and actual user needs and current trends in the development of information technology. The main activities: • The development and sale of ready-made software solutions for business needs; • Licensing - the legalization of Microsoft software; • Design and develop business information systems and documentation according to specific needs; • The development of Internet applications and presentations; • Consulting in the field of information technology; • Sale of the world\'s leading software companies: Microsoft, Eset, Adobe ... Main offer a PS.IT: accounting business software solution Edition SMALL BUSINESS PROGRAMS 2 (MPP2 Edition), designed for monitoring of the companies and record-keeping in the bookkeeping. MPP2 Edition is a collection of software modules that address different business segments, which are integrated into a single operating system. They are grouped in three levels (packages): basic, standard and advanced, of which depends on the extent of functional modules within each package. Edition, covered the following areas: • financial accounting • goods and material accounting • invoicing and VAT calculation • payments and cash management • fixed assets • monitoring of production • warehouse operations • payroll, benefits and other emoluments • calculation of interest • vehicle and travel management • compensation

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, 02.07.2010.

Subject: Ukupan utisak


Koristim Vaš program od 2007.godine i veoma sam zadovoljna. Preporučila bih ga svima koji kreću sa privatnim biznisom -naročito agencijama za knjigovodstvo.

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