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Milovana Marinkovića 18, Beograd, Voždovac, Srbija

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Dental Practice Dr. Boris Prokic founded on 1 April 1992. year. We are located in the elite part of Vozdovac, not far from Autokomanda the stadium Red Star. In pleasant surroundings, the area of clean lines and relaxing colors, which boasts the most advanced environmental conditioning system, we try to make your visit to the dentist less stressful, giving my best to leave the office relaxed, with a dazzling smile they deserve.

In practice Dr. Boris Prokić provide dental services in the area:
- Diseases of the teeth;
- Endodontics;
- Whitening teeth first stained;
- Periodontics;
- Periodontal surgery;
- Oral surgery;
- Dental prosthetics;
- Pediatric and preventive dentistry;
- Orthodontology;
- Aesthetics in dentistry;

On the prosthetic warranty of five years. Seal is a guarantee for two years. The education of our patients in maintaining oral hygiene using the latest oral hygiene products (toothbrushes, training using interdental brushes, dental floss, the advantages and disadvantages of other oral hygiene funds, various techniques of oral hygiene sulkularne etc.).

The first examination is free! Includes an explanation of the changes as well as oral treatment plan. You'll get all the information about the state of your oral health and suggestions about possible treatments, the time required for recovery. Inform you of prices and recommend the most suitable option for you.

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Slobodan Nikolić, 02.01.2012.

Subject: Ukupan utisak

U svim fazama lečenja maksimalno studiozno i profesionalno, sjajno odrađen most. Za svaku preporuku!!!

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