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16 recommendation

Location: Beograd, Palilula, Slanački put 141s Phone: 011 275 6XXX - Show number
Description: Granites Radisavljevic Granite founded in 1960. in Arandjelovac. We are engaged in processing and installation of all types of granite and marble tombstones for construction, as well as for the building. The production facility is located čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Nataša Stojanović

"Veliko hvala na ljubaznosti, profesionalizmu, savetima, uloženom trudu i volji da izađete u susret svim našim zahtevima, povoljnoj ceni, odličnim i požrtvovanim ..."

1 recommendation

Plastics and plastic products

Location: Stara Pazova, Hvjezdoslavova 132 Phone: 022 312 XXX - Show number
Description: Junior was established in 1981. We are producing tools and objects made of plastic: • universal connector • jets, • watershed, • showers, • quick coupler continue • direct connection, • pistol čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Jelena Miljuš

"Bravo! Najzad kod nas domaći proizvod bolji od stranog. "

0 recommendation

Location: Beograd, Voždovac, Kraljevačka 68 Phone: 011 397 4XXX - Show number
Description: Passiflora is a company engaged in the landscaping area, breeding, planting area, garden, gardening, gardens, bio space, interior breeding, production of horticultural projects and designs, as well as their implementation. The core čitaj dalje...

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Construction materials and equipment

Location: Subotica, Edvarda Kardelja 13a Phone: 024 694 XXX - Show number
Description: Bomax was founded in 1992 in city of Subotica, and since then it have success in trade business in the area of trade. During these few years the company rapidly grew and have developed into one of the leader importer and distributer of construction čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Mirko Stevanović

"Pohvala za cene i brzinu isporuke! "

0 recommendation Deals!

Location: Beograd, Zvezdara, Mirijevo, Samjuela Beketa 26/20 Phone: 011 742 3XXX - Show number
Description: Pored uobičajenih prevoda dokumenata, poslovnih ugovora i medicinskih dokumenata, brzi i verni prevodi garantovani su i iz različitih stručnih oblasti. Cene prevoda i overe dokumenata: • cena prevoda za sledeći dan - 700 dinara čitaj dalje...

1 recommendation

Rasadnik Topalović

Location: Lipolist, Karađorđeva 171 Phone: 015 274 XXX - Show number
Description: Topalovic Nursery is a family company that there are over 50 years. We are producing rose plants, conifers, broadleaf ornamental shrubs, ornamental grasses and horticulture and fruit production. We develop and implement solutions for čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Dubravka Filipović

"Prošle godine sam od vas naručila sadnice voća i moram da vam kažem da sam prezadovoljna vašom uslugom i ekspeditivnošću, danas naručila ..."

0 recommendation

Big Bad
Plaster works

Location: Novi Sad, Branka Bajića 72 Phone: 063 784 9XXX - Show number
Description: After years of experience in Western Europe: 30.12.2005. we founded the company in Serbia BIG BAD LLC with the aim of providing services:       - Providing professional cleaning and hygiene facilities       čitaj dalje...

2 recommendations


Location: Beograd, Lazarevac, Dudovica, Veliki kraj 237 Phone: 011 819 9XXX - Show number
Description: Company Matijasevic there for many generations and operates as a modern, dynamic family business that deals with import, storage, processing, installation and sale of all types of marble and granite. The area of our business is all that čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Zivojin Arsic

"Radnja koja ne raspoznaje reci NE MOZE SE URADITI. Na vama je da proverite. Kvalitet i zadovoljstvo potrosaca na prvom mestu. "

0 recommendation

Leki group

Location: Beograd, Čukarica, Banovo brdo, Trebevićka 6/10 Phone: 011 354 9XXX - Show number
Description: The company Leki Group Ltd. was established in 2005. in Belgrade. Before the foundation operated as an action Leki Step since 1999. year. Since the establishment is engaged in production, sales and service of curtains, upholstery fabric, čitaj dalje...

0 recommendation

Demetra RB
Home & Garden design

Location: Beograd, Novi Beograd, Zarija Vujoševića 80 Phone: XXX - Show number
Description: Demetra RB is a company specialized in providing full professional services in landscape architecture and horticulture. All categories of green spaces can make a pleasant and attractive, while respecting your wishes, needs and opportunities. čitaj dalje...

1 recommendation

Lepo polje

Location: Ljig, Svetog despota Stefana 25 Phone: 014 855XXX - Show number
Description: LEPO POLJE nursery located next to Ljig, 80 km from Belgrade Ibar highway. It spreads over 15 hectares, with a tradition longer than 40 years. Grow over 300 species of ornamental plants, designed for all types of open green spaces, and in addition čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Marina Đurić

"Zaista za svaku pohvalu!!! !Pre pet godina kupila sam sadnice lavande, i kakvi su bili mrazevi i koliko snega moje lavande su još uvek divne i ako ih nisam ničim ..."

1 recommendation


Location: Beograd, Palilula, Slanački put 135 Phone: 064 138 0XXX - Show number
Description: Klesart the stonework shop that manufactures all kinds of tombstones. Specialty is making hand-made and unique monument, and what sets us apart from the rest are monuments of Serbian sandstone, or for constructions. The plot is a member čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Jovan Petrovic

"Preciznost, tacnost i postenje su ono sto krasi ovu firmu. "

0 recommendation

Miran san
Funeral services and equipment

Location: Beograd, Palilula, Borča, Igumana Stefana 4 - Zbeg Phone: 011 332 0XXX - Show number
Description: Funeral Miran san Borca Zbeg, S.Grbović family company, started its operation since 2000. year. We undertake to complete the organization of the funeral and cremation. As in Serbia and beyond the borders of Serbia. We provide funeral services: čitaj dalje...

1 recommendation

Location: Prokuplje, Ratka Pavlovića 236 Phone: 027 331 XXX - Show number
Description: Rolten is a family business with a long tradition in our market. Founded in 2000. as a craft shop which only the installation of the product. Today we have, thanks to the successful operations have become a serious private enterprise, which čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Saška Todosijević

"Svaka cast ljudima iz Roltena, korektni su, izlaze u susret sto se tice placanja, a sto se tice kvaliteta robe, tu su neprevazidjeni... Prezadovoljna sam saradnjom sa njima ..."

1 recommendation

Frames and moldings

Location: Beograd, Zvezdara, Batutova 18 Phone: 011 242 3XXX - Show number
Description: Injac Jovo for 30 years is the best in the field of manufacturing moldings for picture frames in the Balkans since the founding of the factory Injac 1977th year. Injac its products are exported to a dozen European countries. Thanks to technical čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Ermin Nuhanovic

"Sve pohvale za dizajn i kvalitet lajsni ukrasnih ramova za slike! "

0 recommendation


Location: Beograd, Grocka, Boleč, Smederevski put 50 Phone: 011 806 3XXX - Show number
Description: SKR Brankovic operation that dates back to the sixties. The privately owned and has three generations were held. We are engaged in processing and installation of marble, granite and natural stone imported from Serbia. The story has a number čitaj dalje...

1 recommendation

Idda in
Laminate flooring

Location: Beograd, Zvezdara, Batutova 18 Phone: 011 242 1XXX - Show number
Description: Idda In Ltd. is a direct importer of high quality laminate. We offer a wide range of laminate flooring in different colors and textures of wood and tiles. For those who are professionally engaged in framing pictures we offer machines, equipment čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Braca Milicevic

"Korektan odnos prema kupcima kao i prema kolegama. Toplo preporucejemo saradnju! Braca Milicevic "

0 recommendation

Location: Beograd, Vidska 8 Phone: 011 285 2XXX - Show number
Description: DORMA is a world supplier of products and systems in the field of technology for doors. The company is a leading global market leader in the shutter doors, mobile-partition walls and automatic door systems. DORMA Group, based in Enepetal in čitaj dalje...

0 recommendation


Location: Beograd, Stari grad, Obilićev venac 18/1/4-23 Phone: 011 263 1XXX - Show number
Description: The story Mastef opened in 2006. with the intention to small tailors and people who love themselves do something for yourself and your home, the opportunity to work with the best quality raw materials in the European market. In addition to čitaj dalje...

2 recommendations

Mirna kuća
Nursing and home help

Location: Beograd, Stari grad, Lomina 41 Phone: 011 361 9XXX - Show number
Description: Employment agency Mirna kuća founded in 2008. year. Employment agency Mirna kuća has licensed the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development for mediation and employment profiles, that are providing services to help in the house: babysitting, čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Natasa Markovic Nikolic

"Draga i postovana Valentina, Zelim da Vam se zahvalim na pomoci i razumevanju. Zaista je divno koliko ste se potrudili da zajednicki pronadjemo pravu osobu za pomoc u kuci ..."

2 recommendations

Terasa Lux
Glazing terrace

Location: Beograd, Savski venac, Karađorđeva 69 Phone: 011 328 5XXX - Show number
Description: Terasa Lux is the exclusive representative of the Finnish company LUMON, the world leader in the production system for glazing terrace. This type of glazing terrace provides an elegant way to expand living space and allows more frequent čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Jelena

"Zastakljivanje terase je bila teška odluka i svakako odbojna u samom startu. Ipak, napravila sam dobar izbor kada sam se opredelila za Terasa Lux i njihov klizni sistem koji ..."

1 recommendation

Location: Beograd, Novi Beograd, Bulevar umetnosti bb Phone: 011 668 0XXX - Show number
Description: Agency for transport and relocation Kocic provides the following services: • Relocation Everyone moves at least once in their lifetime. Moving does not have to be trauma. After moving thousands of dwellings and businesses have a čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Dušica Petrović

"Radnici su izvanredni, marljivi, spremni na bilo koji vid saradnje. Sve pohvale i preporuke za njih. Dušica Petrović "

0 recommendation

Location: Beograd, Stari grad, Dorćol, Dobračina 2 Phone: 011 328 3XXX - Show number
Description: Veteran pawnshop was founded in 1998. as one of the first agencies in Belgrade dealing with this kind of work. Fair and honest relationship we have gained many satisfied customers of different profiles. Renowned for its correct relation to čitaj dalje...

2 recommendations

Ent Eks Mont
Awnings and blinds

Location: Beograd, Čukarica, Sremčica, Starih orača 17 Phone: 064 481 8XXX - Show number
Description: Ent-eks Mont is a company from Belgrade and has been producing and installing systems and equipment for protection against sun, rain, external views and burglars. Our products are used in almost all types of buildings: family houses, office čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Ivana Spasić

"Odličan pristup klijenti, velika profesinonalnost. Za svaku pohvalu. "

0 recommendation

Graphic Services

Location: Beograd, Novi Beograd, Nehruova 51a/2/126 Phone: 011 318 9XXX - Show number
Description: We are the graphics business, advertising and commercial production of various types. Quickly and efficiently we can provide you with a large format digital printing on PVC foil, banner, mesh, canvas, blue-back paper, wallpaper, roll-up čitaj dalje...

0 recommendation


Location: Šabac, Prnjavor (Mačvanski), Vojvode Mišića 21 Phone: 064 203 8XXX - Show number
Description: Furniture Factory Čarkić is engaged in production and sale of upholstered furniture pieces and for many years, specifically since 1987. year. Furniture that we offer is made to all European and international standards, with final production čitaj dalje...

2 recommendations

Plaster works

Location: Beograd, Palilula, Bulevar despota Stefana 68a Phone: 011 329 2XXX - Show number
Description: The company Sadra operates since 1987. but the roots go back 30 years ago. Art, a sense of aesthetics and space planning, art crafts, effort and work, are transferred from generation to generation. We try to keep our tradition, we are constantly čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: milan

"Zdravo. Koliko bi koštalo 4 sa 5 prostorija sa gipsanim radovima i ukrasni zlatni elementi. Ima te na jednoj video sliki. Odgovori te mi. Milan "

1 recommendation

Srpska kafana
National restaurant

Location: Beograd, Stari grad, Svetogorska 25 Phone: 011 324 7XXX - Show number
Description: Srpska kafana  is one of the symbols of Belgrade. Place where the days and nights spent great Serbian theater like Zoran Radmilovic and Slobodan Aligrudic. Large selection of traditional Serbian dishes: - pork cracklings, - baked čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Janez Racic

"Sve pohvale za ljubaznost, poslugu, hranu koja je zaista na nivou. Vrhunska kvaliteta i profesionalna usluga. Bravo za vlasnike restorana koji su na prvom mestu zaslužni, ..."

2 recommendations

Mobile Phones

Location: Beograd, Savski venac, Balkanska 29 Phone: 011 362 6XXX - Show number
Description: Viper is a mobile phone shop and repair of mobile phones when it comes to all types and brands of mobile phones. Employees of the Viper will quickly and efficiently resolve any problem with your mobile phone, or to seek advice when buying a new čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Dragan Čađo

"Iskrene pohvale komplet personalu, na izuzetno korektnom i pofesionalnom odnosu prema klijenteli, kao i brzini i kvalitetu usluga uz veoma povoljne cene. "

0 recommendation

Location: Apatin, Prigrevačka bb Phone: 025 772 XXX - Show number
Description: Junaković Spa, near Apatina and Danube, surrounded by beautiful oak trees offers a true paradise for vacation, enjoy nature and benefits of mineral water. Geothermal water from a depth of 700 m, it reaches a temperature of 50 ° C, and čitaj dalje...

0 recommendation

Location: Beograd, Stari grad, Francuska 25/1 Phone: 011 328 3XXX - Show number
Description: Belgrade smile dental clinic in the city center, offering dental services in the field of all branches of dentistry, both diagnostic and therapeutic, and in order to achieve just beautiful, healthy, white smile Belgrade. The office is located čitaj dalje...

1 recommendation

Bonus Co
Sports floors

Location: Beograd, Čukarica, Banovo brdo, Stevana Brakusa 4 Phone: 011 754 6XXX - Show number
Description: The Bonus Co. Ltd. is a company with an experienced and hardworking team who has a visionary outlook on the world of sport and recreation both for the youngest and for the recreational and professional users. Our goal is to make sports surfaces čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Zoran Vujin

"Ovo je kompanija koja u svemu zadovoljova pitanje kvaliteta, brzine usluga i cena. Izuzetno sam zadovoljan saradnjom sa ovom kompanijom. "

0 recommendation

Location: Beograd, Palilula, Višnjička 25 Phone: 011 414 2XXX - Show number
Description: Beauty ideas - the LHC is a company specialized in the production of unique furniture. Beauty Ideas for the LHC design and furnishing of residential and commercial properties. With European quality furniture we offer: čitaj dalje...

2 recommendations

Emilio Stecher

Location: Prijepolje, Velika Župa bb Phone: 033 743 XXX - Show number
Description: Natural stone is durable and valuable. Its important feature is the durability, and our task is to show the real value of this material. Since 1944. EMILIO STECHER company from Switzerland guarantees the best quality processing of natural čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Žena sa Dedinja

"Kupila sam krevet od Onyx-a, fantastičan je! Magičan san zaista! "

1 recommendation

Location: Beograd, Novi Beograd, Dr Ivana Ribara 115b/68 Phone: 063 255 XXX - Show number
Description: King upholstery workshop was established in 1992. The main activity is the upholstery of all kinds (upholstery fabric, eco-leather and natural leather), painting furniture, antique furniture restoration, restoring old furniture and čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Tatjana Đinđić

"Sve pohvale za kvalitet i uslugu! "

0 recommendation


Location: Beograd, Novi Beograd, Bulevar Mihaila Pupina 10e/11 Phone: 011 313 2XXX - Show number
Description: Antiques gallery Masna has a unique offer antiques, between old and new. We also deal with interior design, creating shades and curtains made ​​to measure the customer's specifications. The offer includes: antiques čitaj dalje...

1 recommendation

Peđa komerc

Location: Pančevo, Stevana Šupljikca 79 Phone: 013 331 XXX - Show number
Description: Furniture Pedja Commerce offers the largest selection of premium furniture covers that market demand for the trendy, and for exclusive furniture and a large selection of floor coverings for your home. For you we provide a wide range of functional čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Vanja

"Imaju najbolje kuhinje u ponudi!!!! "

1 recommendation

Pogrebni zavod Aleksandar
Funeral services and equipment

Location: Beograd, Palilula, Borča, Ratnih vojnih invalida 74a Phone: 011 332 5XXX - Show number
Description: Alexander Funeral Bureau provides the following services: - Sale of funeral and related equipment - Transportation of human remains at home and abroad - Scheduling a funeral or cremation in the city cemeteries - Provision of new grave čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Vesna Janežić

"Za Pogrebni zavod Aleksandar mogu reći samo sve najlepše. Momenti kada neko od naših najmilijih napusti ovaj svet su, pre svega, jako bolni i vrlo često se desi da nepripremljeno ..."

2 recommendations

Car Protection

Location: Beograd, Zemun, Cara Dušana 60 Phone: 011 210 2XXX - Show number
Description: Activities of the company Zemun Electronic Security are set protection for cars and setting up protection for objects. Zes the import, distribution, design and installation of the world's most secure protection. In our offer you can čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Jovana Petrović

"Ako želite da mirno spavate, obratite se momcima iz Zes-a, za pristupačnu cenu dobila sam najbolju uslugu i kvalitet. Ma momci su na nivou, svaka čast! "

1 recommendation

Sted Commerce
Carpentry - doors and windows

Location: Beograd, Voždovac, Dragice Končar 45a Phone: 011 397 8XXX - Show number
Description: Sted Commerce Ltd. began in 1999. as a craft shop for the manufacture of PVC joinery. After four years of operation we have grown into a company with many employees. Its main activity is the production of facade joinery of the profile of German čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Darko Jordović

"Firma je očigledno specijalizovana za proizvodnju i ugradnju PVC stolrije, njen opseg delovanja nije razvučen kao kod drugih firmi sličnog profila poslovanja koje pored ..."

1 recommendation

Location: Beograd, Savski venac, Deligradska 27 Phone: 011 264 3XXX - Show number
Description: Specialist practice Fizikus is a group of experts in the field of physical medicine, internal medicine, sports medicine, allergology and acupuncture. The medical team consists of: Mr. sc. dr. med. Milos Obrenovic, Prof. dr. med. Ljubica čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Nina

"Moja ćerka već duže vreme trenira jazz balet, i ove godine smo morali doneti potvrdu sportskog lekara da je sposobna da se bavi ovim sportom. Bili smo iznenadjeni ..."

0 recommendation

Location: Beograd, Novi Beograd, Omladinskih brigada 100 Phone: 011 216 9XXX - Show number
Description: The salon Tier is possible to obtain a complete solution of interior design materials and systems for the decoration and protection from the sun. The service includes advice to designers and design solutions, the measurement of space, design čitaj dalje...

0 recommendation Deals!


Location: Subotica, Boška Vujića 8 Phone: 024 572 XXX - Show number
Description: Manufacturer Dymsco Co. Ltd. as its technology supplier market and technical solutions for nearly a decade working with companies such as Samsung, LG Electronics and Pantech & Curitel. Serious research and development work in the Company čitaj dalje...

0 recommendation


Location: Beograd, Palilula, Borča, Braće Mrnjavčević 29 Phone: 011 332 0XXX - Show number
Description: Ankamen Ltd provides all types of masonry services, dealing with wholesale of composite plates Quarella Italian manufacturer and other stone slabs, and the sale of ground stone - grit. Several hundred made the monument, a large number čitaj dalje...

9 recommendation Deals!

Cvet Express
Flower Shop

Location: Beograd, Čukarica, Banovo brdo, Rajka od Rasine 28 Phone: 011 254 5XXX - Show number
Description: Florist Cvet Express was founded in the 1988th and successfully existed for 25 years. We are located in an old railway carriage in Banovo hill. Florist Cvet Express offers the following services: - Making arrangements, - Making bouquets čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Miloš Stojanović

"Od dekoracije cveća do usluge, čista 10. Cvećara je zaista intresantna, ima puno lepog cveća i ne možete da se opredelite šta bi pre. Moja žena ..."

1 recommendation

Restoran ABC
International restaurant

Location: Beograd, Zemun, Ohridska bb Phone: 011 316 6XXX - Show number
Description: Tucked in a quiet street Zemun Ohrid is the right place for lovers of good food and quality of foreign and domestic wines. Friendly environment dominated by wood, brick, and many details of old, who restores images from the past... with a light čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Srdjan Vasic

"Obisao sam dosta restorana, i mogu sa sigurnoscu reci da je restoran ABC 3 koplja ispred prvog sledeceg. Ukus hrane je na prvom mestu i ne moze se meriti ni sa jednim drugim ..."

1 recommendation


Location: Beograd, Stari grad, Dorćol, Dunavski kej 9 Phone: 011 262 7XXX - Show number
Description: PAIDEIA, a private publishing company founded in 1991. year, the so far more than 600 titles in total circulation of around two million copies. In our catalog are the biggest names in world literature, including Nobel Prize winners (Coetzee čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Violeta Kozarac

"U ovim teskim vremenima za kulturu i posle toliko godina postojanja , ostali su verni u objavljivanju knjiga koje doprinose obrazovanju . "

0 recommendation

Location: Beograd, Zvezdara, Svetozara Radojčića 8a Phone: 011 346 7XXX - Show number
Description: Ocular house Sfera successfully operating for 8 years, as evidenced by a large number of very satisfied customers. In our ophthalmic house you can find a selection of high quality optical frames available to each customer. We has several years čitaj dalje...

3 recommendations

PVC doors and PVC windows

Location: Beograd, Vračar, Baba Višnjina 46 Phone: 011 243 9XXX - Show number
Description: Windoora is a company based in Pancevo and manufactures high quality PVC. Windle range includes the following products: - PVC - PVC doors, PVC windows, patio doors, entrance doors - Blinds - PVC blinds, aluminum blinds - Venetian blinds čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Vesna

"Odlicno uradjena stolarija, strucan tim, profesionalan odnos! Sa najvecim zadovoljstvom zelim da preporucim firmu Vindora! "

4 recommendations

Smiljanić Komerc
Floor coverings

Location: Beograd, Zemun, Batajnica, Pukovnika Milenka Pavlovića 104 Phone: 011 787 0XXX - Show number
Description: A company SMILJANIĆ KOMERC LTD founded in 2003. year. Its main activity is import and distribution of flooring. In addition to flooring, SMILJANIĆ KOMERC LTD imports and support materials (strips, insulation), which range segment of čitaj dalje...

Preporuka kosrisnika: Marina Tadić

"Mnogo je dobra usluga, jesu malo dalje od grada, ali imaju sigurno najveći izbor laminata. Preporučujem! "

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