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Banijska 55, Pančevo, Srbija

  • Građevinski materijal i oprema

Elektrostar, Banijska 55, Pančevo, Srbija, Građevinski materijal i oprema,
Garažna i industrijska vrata

Rasveta, elektromaterijal, kablovi, ormani, brojila, sklopke, rezervni delovi za belu tehniku, brilux, brilum, sijalice, prekidači, utičnice.

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Preporuke potrošača za firmu Elektrostar



, 25.01.2013.

Tema: Odnos sa klijentima


Ljudi posluju kao na zapadu, ljbazni, usluzni, nasmejani, sve najiskrenije pohvale.

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Pitanja potrošača za firmu Elektrostar


Offer from VENTS

, 20.11.2002.

Tema: Ostalo


From: JSC VENTILATION SYSTEMS 1, Ul.Mikhaila Kotzubinskogo 01030, Kiev, Ukraine Tel.: +38044-2356213, T/F: +38044-234 19 61 p.rumini@vents.kiev.ua Dear Mr.(Mrs.) Director, Permit to address to you with our offer. We have known about your business activity - trading and service of electrical equipments and installation materials. Our ukrainian company Ventilation systems is one of leading manufacturers of domestic ventilation in East Europe - specialized in manufacturing of modular ventilation systems for small and middle premises. Our products we periodically demonstrate at known international exhibitions, for example at last exhibition "DIY'TEC" in Cologne, Germany. All products are being manufactured in Ukraine, distributed under the trademark Vents and exported to a number of European and Asian country. Also you could visit our web-site www.ventsyst.narod.ru and become familiar with our products. At the moment the new site also is developed, about which opening we shall inform you. There you can find: domestic axial fans for wall and ceiling mounting (using ABS plastic); plastic and metal ventilation grilles (wall, ceiling, door etc.), ceiling diffusers, exhaust and supply air valves, plastic revision doors etc.; metal tees, branch pipes, flanges, and other mounting and fixing components. flexible air ducts made of aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized steel rigid PVC round and rectangular ducts Our production capacity allows us to supply any customer with our goods in a good time. We put out and renew product catalogues, different kinds of leaflets, display stands for marketing support of our customer. Also we would like to point your attention to wide choice of goods and their high quality. Whether but we do not know precisely do you trade domestic ventilation (import, wholesale distribution, retail distribution ?). In that market situation in your country, when is imported the production of the known, but more expensive manufacturers (Xpelair, Marley, Maico, Systemair, S&P, Cata, Novovent, Vortice, Elicent ), I think, that the expansion of Your assortment by our products will raise competitiveness of your complex offer in the Yugoslavian (Serbian) market. Hope this information will be of interest for you and in this case we provide you with a set of samples and export prices. Please do not hesitate to request all information you need. Looking forward to your reply. Yours sincerely Petr Rumini /Export-manager/

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