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Mis Irbijeve 56, Beograd, Zvezdara, Srbija



  • Vatrogasna oprema

Vatrooprema, Mis Irbijeve 56, Beograd, Zvezdara, Srbija, Vatrogasna oprema,
Zaštita od požara,Bezbednost i zdravlje na radu
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business cooperation

, 17.11.2003.

Tema: Odnos sa klijentima


Dear Sir/Madam, How are you, I know your company from internet, please allow me introduce myself and our company to you. I come from Yunfeng Fire of China,I am the Managing Director of the YUNFENG FIRE, our company--Yunfeng Fire is the largest manufacturer of fire-fighting equipment in China,she has 39 years history in the manufacturing of safety valves for extinguisher,and now she owns three subsidiaries:(1).Ningbo Yunfeng Fire Safety Equipment Co.,Ltd.(2).Yuyao Orientx Fire Safety Equipment Co.,Ltd.(3) Ningbo Yunfeng Brass Industy Works. Yuyao Orientx Fire Safety Equipment Co.,Ltd specialized in the manufacturing of all types of fire extinguishers such as Dry chemical powder extinguishers, water, foam, CO2 fire extinguishers, and also manufacture hose reel,fire hose, hose coupling,etc. The company had been certified to ISO9001 and CE, all the product are manufactured to BS EN3 standard. Ningbo Yunfeng Brass Industry Works specialized in manufacturing all kinds of brass. Ningbo Yunfeng Fire Safety Equipment Co.,Ltd. specialized in manufacturing fire extinguisher valves and fitting for prestigious western fire fighting companies world wide,such as Gloria,UK Chubb,Kidd and so on. We can manufacture all kinds of fire extinguisher valves, gas valves,ball valves, sprinkle heads and other brass parts. We had been certified to "CE" by TUV & PED, before these, our company had been certified to ISO9001, so we have a control system of quality completely, and ensure the product quality. Our success and customer's satisfaction comes from the quality of our product. We can provide the fire extinguishers & valves(all valves & cylinders with "CE" mark), which you need with good quality and lowest price. In addition, if you think our product can 't fitting your market or your customers, you may provide your drawing or samples to us, we can manufacture the same products according to your requirement. You are welcome to visit our company & factories, please contact me. I will appreciate your prompt response. Thanks & best regards, Zhou Geng Managing Director for YUNFENG FIRE TEL: 0086-574-62003949 FAX: 0086-574-62003949 62003158 Email: HTTP:

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