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Koste Jovanovića 87, Beograd, Voždovac, Srbija

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Rešenje svih oftalmoloških problema
Rešenje svih oftalmoloških problema
About us
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Bel Medic General Hospital for 19 years dedicated to treating both children and adults, is the first private hospital in Serbia accredited according to the highest European quality standards (ISQua). Provides the highest quality and prompt medical care for the whole family, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Located in three locations in Belgrade and consisted of General Hospital, Out-patient portion and Health.

As a small practice with only three employees, Bel Medic in 1995. Was founded by mr. sci med Dr. Jasmina Knezevic, a pediatrician - pulmonologist and Milan Knezevic, a film director.

Bel Medic was a hospital system with complete modern diagnostics, two operating rooms, intensive care and hospital comfortable apartments - whose safety and quality accreditation testifies not only to a maximum of 7 years, but the certificate of quality management according to the highest international standards ISO 9001:2008.

The expert team of Bel Medic makes over 170 full-time employees and over 300 consultants including many university professors, as well as two academics. Thanks to their expertise and extensive professional experience, Bel Medic is able to provide patients of all ages a safe and quality service across all areas of medicine, all in one place.

Bel Medic has thus gained the trust of some 200,000 patients from home and abroad, as individuals, corporate clients, and received a number of awards which is the common denominator of "Best of Serbia".

Medical services we provide:

● Overview of doctors and dentists of all specialties for children and adults
● Complete diagnosis
● Laboratory analieze
● Therapy
● Hospitalization
● Operations
        - Laparoscopic and "open" surgical and gynecological procedures
        - Breast Surgery
        - Minimally invasive surgery hemorrhoids ( THD, laser) and veins (laser)
        - Urological surgery
        - Operation Hand, foot, and hip arthroscopy
● Oncology Treatment
        - Oncology konzilijum
        - Chemotherapy
● Home visits
● Examinations
● Vaccinations
● Previous and periodical examinations of employees
● View Directions
● Medical Transportation

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Hospital waiting room
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Medical Practice
24 hour access to doctors
Gynecological surgery
Bel Medic Belgrade
Kosta Jovanovic, Belgrade
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Veliko HVALA za Vašu pomoć
Poštovane Dame i Gospodo,
Bili smo kod Vas na pregledu 5. 11. 2011 kod Prof. Dr. Darinke Bosković. Uz veliku zahvalnost Vama i Prof. Bosković koja nas je povezala sa Prof. Dr. Ghiemini Michele Belinzona-Lugano Švajcarska, dijagnoza koja je bila na početku za tešku Kemo terapijuju, na svu sreću i zahvalnost Vama i Prof. Ghielminiu se sve svelo na mnogo blažu terapiju koja još nova nije određena, pošto je sve u koštanoj srži u redu, kao i plućima. Na ovaj način Vam se želimo zahvaliti, kao i Prof. dr. Darinki Bosković uz veliki pozdrav i od Prof. Ghielminija za prof. Boskovic i ako nam mozete poslati njenu e-mail adresu ili neki broj njenog telefona. Prof. Ghelmini je rekao da će se videti u Americi sa Dr. Bosković početkom decembra ove godine i od njega veliki POZDRAV. Sa veliko poštovanjem i pozdravom i jedno ljudsko VELIKO hvala na pomoći i Vašoj ažurnosti, a uz to Vam želimo još više uspeha u radu i daljnjem proučavanju. Pozdrav iz Švajcarske
Questions (3)
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Question: pitanje
Htjela bi kod vas da se informisem za onkoloski pregled, hvala!

Question: SKENER
Koja je cena skenera glave i da li bi tebalo da se zakaze ukoliko se odlucimo kod Vas. Hvala unapred.

Question: hemoroidi
interesuje me cena pregleda, za heomoroide
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