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Through the Youth Cooperative Tim have so far attended over 45,000 young people and the full cooperation of companies with 750 different activities. OZ Tim on a daily basis require a large number of young people in temporary jobs, many of them purchased a permanent job. There are all sorts of jobs from one day through Sunday and several months to replace absent workers.

Codex trade is an experienced team of professionals when it comes to hygiene facilities in offices, buildings, markets, shops ... Codex trade has all kinds of machines and equipment for maintaining hygiene.

AGROGAS Ltd. is a privately held company focused on the agriculture program and gasification. The main groups of the program are: - Spare parts and assemblies - Service and Maintenance - Traction machines and machinery - Irrigation - Grain silos for grain - Equipment for briquetting

Auto service Milanovic Nis for complete vehicle inspection, repair and maintenance of vehicles in accordance with the manufacturer's standards... Fault diagnosis service performed by modern equipment and years of experience and expertise of the staff are a guarantee for the successful interpretation of the error code on the vehicle, as well as the elimination of failure as soon as possible

UNIONCLEAN The company is part of a renowned multinational company UNIONCLEAN EUROPE, a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of occupational hygiene equipment, since 1990. year in our developing and producing sanitary equipment of superior quality and performance with the intent to meet the market need for dressing equipment in public and common toilet rooms. We offer Hand Dryers, Dispensers for liquid soap dispensers and holders, bins and baskets, neutralizers, supplies, machinery, polishing shoes, accessories, assists the disabled, equipment for maintaining hygiene.

Terra Serbia Ltd. is the general agent of famous brands of engineering, construction and earthmoving: JCB, Sennebogen, Linden Comansa, Rubble Master, McCloskey, HBM Nobas, Ranger... Terra Serbia also offers excavators, loaders, combined construction machinery, cranes, crushers, forklifts... Moreover, a large stock of spare parts in Belgrade and Nis, enabling rapid delivery to the customer.

Ratex comerce doo deals with the collection and processing of recyclable materials: copper, brass, aluminum, lead, zinc, stainless steel, bronze, old batteries, cast iron, plastics, waste paper ... Its operations company Ratex makes a significant contribution to the preservation of the environment - your excess waste for us is important raw material.

Junior Company of Old Pazove engaged in the production of plastic, plastic tools and plastic garden program, what is the largest producer in the territory of Serbia. also produces tools and plastic products according to your order.

Production of tools and articles of plastics: universal connector, jets, watershed, showers, quick coupler continue, direct connection, pistol nozzle, gun with a shower, sprayer headed, fountains, staples, ball valves, car wash brush, tubes, racks for hoses.

Written translation, simultaneous interpretation, consecutive translation, proofreading and certification of court interpreters and the complete organization and technical equipment for conferences, seminars, workshops, round tables and the like.

Its main activity Steel Plus the design, engineering and consulting services in the field of construction. Services that are expert to provide the design and installation of steel structures, supervision of design and construction, air conditioning, ventilation, heating installations, special objects, placing masts, roofs and upgrades, as well as all other construction works.

Steel Plus provides the following services: - Design, engineering and consulting in the field of steel structures - Fabrication and installation of steel structures - Design and construction (air conditioning, ventilation, heating) - Design of residential buildings - Roof and superstructure - And other construction works

EcKER company cooperates with the French company SCARYBIRD as a distributor for Serbia. SCARYBIRD Device reject birds with its appearance. SCARYBIRD is a member of the renowned European association DONAU SOJA based in Vienna.

Translation Agency ABC Translations for all types of translation from and into all major languages. ABC Translations translates all kinds of texts and documents - personal documents, business documents, contracts, reports, professional papers... Translations can be certified without a translator. All translations of work as soon as possible and at the best prices.

The main activity of our company is the design and installation of all types of stairs and combinations, as well as supporting elements, fences, railings, etc. Functional, but also beautiful staircase that complements your entire neighborhood can be obtained in various combinations - a combination of a metal or wooden structures, types, and colors of wooden stair... Call us and we have a solution for you.

Specialist urological clinic Uro medica perform diagnostics and treatment in the field of urology, gynecology and andrology. Special controls: ECT condylomata, operations on penis, scrotal surgery, circumcisio, echo gl. mammae, prostate biopsy, urethroscopia, systoscopija, trus prostate, ultrasound scrotum, ultrasonography of the abdomen...

Company PGS Lesnik is engaged in placing all types of stairs and combinations - metal-metal, metal-wood, metal, glass, timber glass, the tree, as well as supporting elements of fences, rails, etc.. Combining modern technology and new materials with extensive experience in architectural designs, we are able to fully satisfy the expectations and desires of the most demanding clients.

Ekos DDD performs disinfection, pest control, fumigation and weed control. The company is fully equipped technically, it means owning all the equipment for carrying out disinfection, pest control, fumigation and weed control. We have all valid licenses, certificates in the field DDD Affairs. We work according to the principles of HACCP. Call us, we guarantee the highest quality service, speed, and reliability as well as discounts and benefits to our regular clients.

You need a tranport of goods and moving toward EUROPE cities. Judo trans offers full service transportation to Germany and vice versa. Transport of goods and moving to Germany we do almost every day of the working week. It also organizes the loading and transport of commercial goods, furniture and moving to all parts of Great Britain. We provide the transportation to Spain three times a week where we transport commercial goods, auto parts, clothing and furniture.

Aquapromet to the sale of water and sewer materials, sanitary ware, water heater, ceramic tile ... Aquapromet range of goods is based on the products of domestic and imported production, and there are domestic sewerage, street drainage, PVC pipes, drainage pipes, water installations, installation of sewers, water pipes, sewer pipes, bathroom accessories, ceramic , tiles for the bathroom, flushing cisterns, toilet, bathroom furniture, whirlpool bathtubs and showers, drains pipes ...

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