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- Offset plates and chemicals - Offset Inks and Additives - Graphic adhesives - Bookbinding Materials - Mounting Foil - Masking tape - Stanc, big, perforate and cyto lines - Viscose sponge - Other graphic material and supplies - School and office supplies - Offset paper in sheets and rolls - Wood-free cardboard, white and color - Mechanically paper - One-sided and two-sided coated paper and paperboard, white and color - Label and metallized label paper - Carbonless and self-adhesive paper in sheets and rolls - Cardboard (gray, white, dyed, Prespan) - Chrome cardboard - duplex - triplex (white-gray, white-white, white-kraft) - Kraft Envelope - fancy papers - Medium fine papers in sheets and rolls - Newspaper (newsprint) paper - LWC and SC papers - Coolers and Koričara - Thermal paper and copy paper (white and color)

Import and wholesale of products to equip the bathrooms. Aquasana doo also offers the highest quality equipment for bathrooms: batteries, shower and jetted cabins, sanitary ware and acrylic baths. Contemporary design solutions and cutting-edge technology of the products, well-balanced combination of quality materials and different styles will satisfy refined tastes of each customer.

Rovex Engineering is the exclusive distributor of general and most economical electric heating - modern heating systems in the 21st century: • Norwegian radiators Glamox 3001 and Adax Neo • Underfloor heating Elektra heating mats, heating cables, heating foil • Protection from snow and ice Elektra heating pipes, gutters heater • Measuring devices Trotec

Import, export and distribution of orthopedic appliances: mattresses, wheelchair cushions, orthosis, postoperative belts, hernia belt, slip panties for a hernia, compressive stockings for veins, TLSO, corsets lumbar and lumbar-sacral corsets, silicone breast, orthopedic, bras, swimwear for women operated of breast cancer, sleeve for limfoderm, belt with an aperture for stoma, belt for pregnant women, the continuation of the toilet bowl, oilcloth, adult diapers, abdominal program, wig, turban, a memorial cervical pillows and other orthopedic devices.

Electrical floor heating, gutter and roof heating, electrical heating cable, indoor heating mats, outdoor heating mats, heaters with built-in thermoregulator, silicone heating mats, silicone drum heaters, self-regulating heating cables, silicone flexibile heaters for pipielines, termoregulators, heating calbes for under asphalt, heating cables for road heating, paralel heating cables, silicone heating cable, heaters for cold rooms, series heating cables.

Vrnjacka Spa town center, the new building Buy or studio apartment in the center of Spa. Newly constructed building located in the beautiful and sunny part of Vrnjacka spa near municipal drinking and ambulance Apartments in size from 30 to 42 square meters.

The company Grolit work with all kinds of construction work: - rough construction works, - works in civil engineering Construction and reconstruction of gas stations and specialty narrower orientation of the company. Grolit-operation has its own machineries and equipment.

Dental center NorDent was founded in 2006. During its development, the founders and the staff have succeeded in applying all relevant experiences and information affecting our high quality, contemporary and efficient service for the purpose of meeting the needs of every potential patient from any part of the world. The standards in providing the highest quality dental service were set by the most contemporary technological and technical dental equipment, dental devices and materials, hygienic procedures, constant educational and professional improvements of the doctors and the entire staff at all the relevant symposiums world wide and most importantly, empathic approach to every patient, beginning with the initial contact with the agent, travel and transfer from the airport, hotel and clinic reception, ending with the precise diagnosis, therapy plan and recovery.

Mica Auto Center is the authorized distributor and servicer of Peugeot, Citroen brands authorized servicer and servicer of Dacia and Renault out of warranty. In addition to mechanics, electrics and gas installation, you can also get the service autolimarskih or paint work.

Domis Interiors is engaged in the import and sale of materials for finishing the construction works: laminate flooring, digital flooring, ceramic tiles, bathroom batteries, toilets, showers, insulation materials, windows and stairs, materials and products for coating exterior and interior walls, materials floor covering inside and out, gypsum panels, lexan panels, various moldings, polystyrene, decking, paneling.... We can offer you amount that will satisfy the requirements of wholesale and retail.

Retail and wholesale a complete bathroom equipment. Behind us decades of experience in equipping both private and industrial buildings. Our sales are represented by all local producers of fine ceramic construction. Foreign brands that are represented in our stores are: Ceramika Vives, Cerdisa Stone, Navarti, Kolpa-San whirlpool baths and cabins. Ideal Standard sanitary ware, Vidima toilets, taps Armal, Unitas, Hans, Effepi, flushing cisterns Geberit etc..

Our main activity is scrap cable recycling. By cable recycling we get high quality copper granules. We collect aluminum scrap too. Aluminum scrap we sort and bale by quality. We collect all other types of metal scrap. Stainless steel scrap we take in big quantities. Than we sort, cut and bale stainless steel scrap and deliver to our international buyers. We sale recycling equipment – high quality alligator shears. We sale recycling equipment – high quality alligator shears.

Crystal Pool Company is engaged in the design, construction, installation and renovation of swimming pools and pool equipment. Also, the Crystal Pool works and repair and maintenance of swimming pools and swimming pool equipment, as well as wholesale and retail trade, and provides consulting services in the area.

MMS is one of the largest manufacturers of spare parts based on the casting of the thermal power plant near Belgrade, Drmno, Kolubara, Kostolac. We manufacture fencing and gates, balconies, railings, anti-parking poles, benches, elements of interior design, garden tables, cast, cast stove ... Our candelabras are mounted in the four most beautiful park in Belgrade Zvezdara theater, Manjež, Hajduk Veljko wreath and Tašmajdan . Our fully cast bench in the two versions are built on Bežanijskoj hair, building and park "Imel". Our protective grilles alleys are Nemanjina street and St. King Peter in Belgrade.

- Advertising and commercial production of various types of - Large format digital printing - Graphic design and logo creation - Advertising on trucks, branding vehicle - pick-up, van, car - Car graphics and katovanje application of PVC film for window - Optical cropping print labels of different size and shape - Plastic panels - Website development and web design - Service laser cutting and engraving - Service protective laminating - Cutting services, plastic foil on the plotter - Works at higher altitudes and engagement climbers to place your ad on the roof of the building.

Bookkeeping company Vitid, precise and professional, offering bookkeeping services companies and entrepreneurs, adapting to each client individually. Bookkeeping, preparation of accounting, contracts, balance sheets, final accounts, tax advice...

Most advanced laser for permanent hair removal, now in Serbia! LUMENIS Light Sheer Duet is the most advanced model of a diode laser, which is a reputable firm in the production of lasers Lumenis marketed. Setting a new standard in laser hair removal technology, integration with a larger vacuum hendpisa spot 22x35 mm, the system LUMENIS Light Sheer Duet offers significant improvements over current technology. It is now considered the gold standard in the field of epilation for possessing unique capabilities. Treat yourself to the most effective laser hair removal performed by physicians with extensive experience in working with lasers!

Stihl company based in Belgrade started to work 01.10.2013. year. The production program of the company STIHL chainsaws are for wood, grass trimmers, leaf cleaners, motor concrete cutters, milling cutters motor, motor lifts, motor Augers, lawn mowers and spare parts ...

The car parts shop Frutta started operating in 2000. Frutta is a specialized store that sells: tools, auto cosmetics, car equipment, tires, spare parts, batteries, motor oils. Provides all spare parts, as well as other goods intended for maintenance of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and small cubic zipper. The key criteria for selecting items in our restaurant are 100% quality and price competitiveness.

No poveravajte your valuables to anybody, select the most reliable... Our tradition and security guarantee your success. Purchase jewelry, gold, silver, antiques, watches, paintings, decorations, furniture, porcelain, crystal... The fastest and safest way to get money to fix the financial problem. In those convinced many clients with whom twenty foster successful collaboration.

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